Thursday, July 18, 2019



Accelerating development and performance of the new gen talent as we enter the Digital era.

How are companies..or how should leadership communicate with the workforce consisting of multi-ages, multi-cultures?

Managers of Global Talent Mobility: What methods are you using?  How are you forecasting/projecting costs for assignments/projects? Describe communications with stakeholders.

Compliance: Summer of ’19

Global Benefit questions/concerns: International travel/assignments, well-being of employee & family™

Customer X:  What’s expected?  What’s delivered …

Brandon Meyer, Attorney – Partner

Advise corporate/individual clients on US immigration issues, best practices, corporate compliance. Manage San Francisco office.

Jim Caltagirone; EY Partner- People Advisory Services –  Providing tax and advisory services that impact Talent and Performance

David Toledo, Business DevelopmentSynergy Global Housing. Advise/provide clients with temp housing for recruit, retain+employee experience.