Impact of legal changes on mobility

Growing globally diverse talent 

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Content will include issues and solutions involving

GDPR (Data security)

Employment Law

Immigration Law

Tax Law Impact on Mobility

Digital Mobility ?

Achieving ROI on Talent Strategy


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Angelo Paparelli, Partner – Immigration;

Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Mahsa Aliaskari, Attorney

Aaron Lubeley, Partner – Employment Law

Sandy Beyer, Global Mobility


Veronica Raygoza, Mobility Manager


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Rajiv Thadani, Principal, KPMG LLP

“Tax Law Impact on Mobility”


Andreas Strohschein, Senior Manager,

Global Mobility & Immigration

McKesson Corporation

Katherine Mayorga, Global Mobility


Willie Henry

Diversity Program Manager / Engagement


  • Impact of proactive mobility solutions for the candidate experience / onboarding
  • Mobility-designed with Diversity-in-mind, how to drive a fast-track sense-of-belonging for new hires

Angela Gomez, Director of Sales/West; Aires

John Habanek, CRP, GMS

VP Regional Sales Director

Corporate & Institutional Mortgage Programs