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October 25, 11am – 4:30pm

 Learning new ways to reskill and upskill 

Moderator: Ed Cohen, Conference Developer

Publisher- Global Business News

Accelerating performance of the New Workforce

via Mobility Assignments,

coached and monitored for performance ROI

JACK JAMPEL, Stryker Corporation, HR & Senior Manager- Mobility

GOSIA PIASECKA-MANOS, GMS-T, Chemours Company, Global Mobility & US Benefits; HR / Global Rewards


Will your boss be a Bot?  Then what.

Are your transferees Guests?   ROI = Customer Experience

US Relocations… new workforce, new policies?

RMCs & DSPs & Special services …Multiple Stakeholders

     ALICE MACHADO aires  

         RICK BRUCE, CapRelo  


In the news: 

Destination SOUTH KOREA



Optimizing People Performance for Competitive Advantage in the Global Marketplace

Over the last two decades Dr. Linda Myers has been recognized for her versatile contributions as a strategic global human capital practitioner and consultant to both U.S. and foreign based Fortune Global 100 companies, and as an adviser to many other enterprises and individuals.

In each capacity, Dr. Myers has delivered innovative, measurable value by maintaining focus on HR priorities that align with and drive business strategy.  The correct alignment is unique for every organization, and considers workforce capabilities, skill needs and development, planning, recruiting, and organizational processes, and performance expectations – all in the context of regional labor and compliance regulations. Linda has brought insight to Life Sciences (pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare), IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Energy, Financial (insurance, securities) and Professional Services organizations both In the United States as well as Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America, and has coached interns from Australia to Azerbaijan.

Today Dr. Myers is a Human Capital consultant with WorldWisePartners, a human performance solutions company that helps individuals and companies build sustainable sources of advantage by creating measurable value from the investment made in people.  This includes how human capital is perceived, planned for, engaged, selected, hired, assigned, inspired, led, managed, and developed throughout the employment lifecycle.

Born and raised in New York City, Linda attended Goucher College in Maryland, then Harvard University in Massachusetts where she earned both Masters and Doctorate addressing superior people practices during global organizational transformation (merger, acquisition, spin off, joint venture, etc.).  Her work continues to inform organizations, particularly professionals who lead through similar business undertakings.

Well traveled to all 7 continents from working, living, and studying abroad, Linda continues to feed her passion for immersing in other cultures.  Her own multi-cultural background is the source of her inclusiveness and proclivity to identify culturally appropriate solutions.  She was the first born of two deaf adults, one a war time immigrant from Europe.

Linda is fluent in English and American Sign Language, and speaks, reads, and writes enough French to get along without an interpreter.  The few phrases and carefully placed words she knows in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, German, and Spanish usually are enough to earn a laugh.

That’s the best way, Linda believes, to begin a working relationship or personal friendship anywhere in the world.

US Tax Deduction for Continuing Professional Education:
A US income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging, undertaken to maintain or improve skills (Treasury Reg 1.1662-5; Coughlin v. Commissioner Internal Revenue, 203 F2d 307, 2d Circuit 1953)

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