November 2 – HOUSTON

at AIG, 2929 Allen Parkway, 13th floor, Houston 77019

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 as a result of workplace violence, terror impact, kidnap/extortion

…knowing what to do…what NOT to do

Role of insurance; how it works.

Preparing/protecting against threats and attacks, bombing incidents, active-shooter at work or on business travel or impacting employees/families on relo assignments, hostage … kidnap/ransom/extortion … and allied perils.

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Registration Fee includes three (3) hours Continuing Education for Property / Casualty Insurance Agents


7:30, Check-in desk opens, refreshments …  meet & greet

8:15, Welcome Remarks and Introductions

8:45 – 9:45, Education  – Global Risk now inside USA

9:45 – 10:10, Break

10:10 – 11:10, Education – Crisis Communications

11:15 – 12:15, Education – Building Resilience in your org

12:15 – 1, Lunch

1 – 1:15, Education – Role of it works

1:20- 2:20, Education – Houston Police

2:25 – 3:25, Education – Victim tells her story

3:30 – 3:55, Education – Role of it works

4pm, Adjourn


Commentary on recent events:

Las Vegas, international, San Bernardino, Orlando Nightclub,

Fort Lauderdale Airport.


Attendees should understand the risks- the increasing nature of them- and how to take appropriate action to prevent such incidents.

If attendees were to fall victim …learning how to best ensure the survival of their employees, corporate guests, even their families.


US Tax Deduction for Continuing Professional Education:
A US income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging, undertaken to maintain or improve skills (Treasury Reg 1.1662-5; Coughlin v. Commissioner Internal Revenue, 203 F2d 307, 2d Circuit 1953)









Louis Barani, 

Global Terrorism Risk Consultant, 

AIG Client Risk Solutions

Since the New York ‘Twin Towers’ incidents in 1993 and of course 2001, foreign-perpetrated or  foreign-influenced attacks have been part of our domestic landscape, and regretfully, will likely continue. However, these risks were originally thought to be contained to the major U.S. cities and principal landmarks. ‘San Bernardino’ December 2015 changed reality for all of us.

You will learn more about:

  1. Historical synopsis: events foreign and domestic.
  2. Targeting specific installations.
  3. How your organization can assess /review their risks, find weak points in physical installations, procedures.
  4. Liaison with public (police, FBI) and private resources to proactively discourage / detect potential infiltrations





Sydney Isaacs, Managing Director

Abernathy & MacGregor

Inside a company, when incidents occur, managers must quickly and adequately switching from normal public relations mode to what we call ‘Crisis Communications protocols’. Most importantly, the victim(s), their families, visiting guests, and employees…. each of these stakeholders require accurate and timely communication of facts, action plans, and significant support.

Today’s rapid news cycle (mainstream and social media) requires that organizations react proactively in a timely fashion to avoid becoming scapegoats, to avoid brand/reputation issues. 

Presenter will discuss:

  1. The psychology of Crisis Communications …and perception of corporate America.
  2. How to shift attitudes and actions from ‘public relations’ to effective Crisis Communications.
  3. Managing the crisis…orchestrating support activities…keeping victim(s), families, visiting guests, and all the employees well-informed.
  4. Understanding the Principals involved when managing mainstream media interaction… and response.
  5. Learning the proactive steps in order to successfully navigate social media.

    BIO–Sydney Isaacs, Managing Director, advises companies on transactions, crises and other times of transition, as well as strategic investor relations and corporate communications needs. She serves a wide range of industries with particular expertise in the oil and gas sector. She has helped several companies announce and position transformative or complex M&A transactions, including Baker Hughes’ proposed and later blocked combination with Halliburton. She has also closely supported the successful bankruptcy reorganizations of more than two dozen companies.  Sydney regularly counsels companies as they work through difficult circumstances including regulatory investigations (including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), litigation, proxy fights and responses to activist shareholders, data losses, unexpected management transitions, poor financial results, physical disasters and other crises.  A native Houstonian, Sydney joined Abernathy MacGregor in 2005 in the firm’s Los Angeles office before moving to Houston when the firm expanded in the market.




Christopher Helms – Director of Global Security Operations Center for AIG

Today, there are millions of Americans who either travel overseas on vacation or for work, or live as expatriates. 

The perils they face vary widely from auto accidents and food-borne illness, to endemic disease, unsafe workplaces, war, or civil commotion. 

Mr. Helms will discuss ‘best practices’.


  1. Understanding the scope of the various perils, learning about key statistics that face Americans abroad.
  2. How global security / travel services prepare you for overseas exposures; help you cope with incidents.
  3. One phone number… report all incidents…ensure timely / proper duty-of-care.
  4. Examples: Pandemic disease incidents (Ebola), accident trauma (workplace), natural disaster evacuation.


ACTIVE SHOOTER / WORKPLACE VIOLENCE …What happens when the police arrive


Houston Police Department – Officer Erik Termeulen

From Columbine and Oklahoma City to Aurora and Sandy Hook to the latest incidents in San Bernardino, the Fort Lauderdale airport, Orlando nightclub, Oklahoma State University, domestic and foreign-influenced actors have been carrying-out attacks with alarming intensity.

Once the purview of lone-wolf perpetrators or from scenes in the movies, mass attacks inside the U.S. and Western Europe have become more common. Televised / social media publicity these attacks generate create more problems.

Officer Termeulen will review:

  1. History and evolution of ‘active shooter’ and ‘workplace violence’ in modern America.
  2. Solutions: Enhanced protocols and preparedness by Law Enforcement.
  3. How to survive an incident …and importantly, what to expect when Law Enforcement arrives.
  4. Employers: Here’s what you can do to minimize / reduce the risk of occurrences.
  5. How organizations can work better with Law Enforcement to prevent and respond to incidents.



… lessons learned 


Mrs. Barbara Zurita

– Mexican Citizen, now permanent resident of Houston

The former victim was living in Mexico City when she noticed an old acquaintance was at the mall, at the supermarket, etc. She brushed off the sensation of danger; the result was an ordeal that she affirms she wants to make sure no one else endures. 

She will share:

  1. How her life was idyllic, even in higher crime environment of Mexico City.
  2. How this old acquaintance surveilled her and her preschool son without drawing suspicion.
  3. The actual kidnapping event and absconding to the safe house.
  4. Her daily ordeal whereby she and her son were only two of many in a ‘rotating business of victims’.
  5. Her release and the subsequent psychological issues, leading her to relocate to Houston.
  6. She will tell you, how to take preventive measures; and if you are kidnapped taken, how you should react and live through the situation.



Edward Rivas, AIG Kidnap/Ransom