1 April in Stuttgart at Mercedes Museum

Reserve seats €350 +vatBE SMART get a group buy 2+seats €250/seat +vat seating restricted to 70 by design; communicate, rapport-build easier OpenSource; sessions encourage audience participation Education format highly-interactive by design Blended-Learning; comments / questions invited Women Leaders featured RoI of employee well-being (assignee + family) ...no brainer! well-being = good business = duty 2 care broadcasting from conference INTERVIEWS during conf recorded for future broadcast talent life-cycle integrates assignments/mobility Did you know? Personal success linked with patterns within you we don’t see limitations...think opportunities register online...secure RESERVE today; text/talk (+1) 619.787.3100 (WhatsApp) invoice follows; copy/paste https://bit.ly/2HcWUHq

Talent Management is global and international mobility has been recognised as a pre-condition to reach top management. Today’s delegates and Members will be learning more from a dynamic faculty, supported by a diverse spectrum of corporate practitioners and subject experts. Together, thru the day, they will discuss the leader development role of strategic global talent mobility and how it relates to the business RoI, as well as to world trade and local area economic development

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31 March from 17hThe “1893” – VfB Stuttgart club restaurant


* competitive factor

* increases company value

* increases performance

Executives,Talent Management, and Mobility Leaders convene with the GLOBALHR EXECUTIVE NETWORK to meet, exchange ideas, discuss industry news and trendings and then develop plans for accelerating performance of the ‘new gen’; accelerating team development for the global digital era; accelerating employee well-being as a good business investment

venue: Mercedes Museum  

concept cars





General Admission  350 +vat

but be smarter 2 seats 500 +vat ..invite a colleague or client

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Ed Cohen talks about Global Business IQ

We request the honour of your company and your active participation 


Development of “global talent” for the growth of international business in the coming ‘digital era’ … the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Cross-border mobility of executives and employees is for technical purposes and problem-solving, team development, product launch, and or country operations. It’s increasingly important for corporations, private medium-sized companies operating on an international scale, and start-ups looking for a world market.


This education event, very highly-interactive, will address issues involved and will present solutions. Your active participation is encouraged.


In the US, but also in Germany and in many other countries, workforce strategy, talent management and the talent life-cycle business process and the surrounding issues have long been a top priority. With increasing costs, cultural and compliance complexities, the integration of talent mobility with international management has created a special role for “Global HR” and future of work considering the growth of the “new gen”, technology, big data, and global communications.

APRIL 1    

Unique in it’s design and style, the day will present a “look” into the coming digital era via top-quality education by a distinguished faculty. This event has been developing over time and as you might suspect, it has not been easy to develop. 

It was originally developed through international idea exchanges; a thought-partnership developed between California-based GlobalBusinessNews.net, the Stuttgart-based crossculture academy and Globiana,  and by Prof. Dr. med. Wilfried Mödinger (Institute of Sustainable Leadership Steinbeis University Berlin). 

Personally speaking

I’m grateful for the inspiration, for the advice and business guidance, and for the opportunity provided by Globiana and CrossCulture Academy, and, by Prof. Dr. med. Wilfried Mödinger.


Check-in desk opens


meet & greet

cosponsor tables open

8h30 – 9h

Welcoming Remarks, Purpose & Introductions

Edwin (Ed) Cohen, Developer

Moderator, GLOBALHR Executive Network

Founder, Editor & Publisher, GLOBALHR News  GlobalBusinessNews.net

Founder, Broadcast Host, GlobalRadioTalkShow

Prof. Dr. med. Wilfried Mödinger,

Director, Institute of Sustainable Leadership

Stenbeis University Berlin

Johannes Klemeyer

CrossCultureAcademy/change project

President, Globiana Inc

9h-9h30, Executive insight


How does a private German family business become a global market leader?

Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Kurtz

Managing Director – Kurtz Ersa

9h30- 10h30, keynote

Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC on the Las Vegas Strip, presented by Wilfried Porth

Tolerance and appreciation of diversity does not only come along with him at Daimler in Stuttgart, he also worked for the company in South Africa, Brazil and Japan. For him these values also count in futbol – as a VfB-fan and Vice President of the Supervisory Board of VfB Stuttgart 1893 AG


coffee break

cosponsor tables open

11h – 12h30

Panel / Audience Discussion

Doing Business Globally:

Cultural Challenges – communication

Communicate successfully worldwide; Prepare

..Negotiation with international business partners

..Presentation abroad

..Reception of a delegation

Facilitator:  Johannes Klemeyer

Alexandra Gorodova

CrossCulture Academy

Hans-Harry Bittner

Managing Director; Bittner International Training

Yannick Frank

Managing Director and co-founder hatchery.io

Michael Hilsbos

Partner RTS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft KG- Chair

Steffen Henkel

Managing Director CrossCulture Academy; COO Globiana



informal table talks

cosponsor tables open



Intellectual Capital in high-demand

Continuous Learning for the Digital Era

Prof. Dr. med. Wilfried Mödinger,

Director, Institute of Sustainable Leadership

Stenbeis University Berlin

Image result for wilfried modinger, berlin

14h – 14h45, panel




Chris Litherland

Founder & Lead Consultant

Mariposa Consulting International


Kimberlee Harrison

EVP Human Resources

Global Functions, Diversity, and Code of Conduct

Deutsche Post DHL

Gabriele Fanta

Managing Director – People Management

Sixt rent a car

Henrike von Platen

CEO & Founder, FPI

(Fair Pay Innovation Lab) FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab gGmbHFPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab supports companies and organisations by translating fair pay into every-day business practice and gives impetus to the discussion on the future of labour. 

15h, Break

15h20 -17h10

key ideas / interviews / audience discussions


for the diverse world we will be living in

Moderator: Ed Cohen

Konstantin von Vietinghoff-Scheel

Managing Director; Corporate Counseling Services

 Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance.

Consultant, Trainer, Best-selling Author

Dr. Forest is also founder of ‘Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential’, a series of educational trainings for individuals and corporations across the globe. Dr. Forest engages leaders, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs, to identify consistencies for their success. Her engaging methods and techniques address Human Capital, Leadership, Diversity, and Change Management in business and personal situations leading to increases productivity, teamwork, retention, resulting in higher profitability, authentic fulfillment, and less stress. 

Olivier Meier

Principal, Product Solution Leader;  Mercer

Andreas Strachwitz

Vice President EMEA; Weichert Workforce Mobility

17h10 – 17h40

Climbing Mount Everest taught me

…life lessons

…life / death

…how to better manage my business life

Andrew Elliman

Andrew Elliman, UK-based, is the Head of European Business Development AGS Group; and, he is the Owner of Stranger Expeditions, a Motivational Speaker and for sure, an Adventurer

17h40 – 18h10

International Culture of eSports Marketing

Christian Ruf, Divisional Director Digital Sales, Clubs and Fan-Service

VfB Stuttgart  https://shop.vfb.deChristian Ruf

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