Leadership Development; Helping managers to thrive in their complex leadership roles

I help global business leaders to thrive in today’s complex, uncertain and rapidly changing world.

I worked in International Sales at Mercedes Benz in Germany, Singapore and South Korea for 11 years before starting my own consultancy for International Business Development in 2002. In 2008 I transitioned to professional coaching, and since then I’ve been working with managers and teams at all levels, from high potentials to CEOs in multinational organizations.

My experience and extensive research allow me to understand the complex challenges that managers are facing at leadership, business and individual levels, and to help them to overcome these challenges more effectively.

The managers who work with me:

✔ Increase their confidence and agility leading people and projects across functions, hierarchies and cultures in their complex global business roles.

✔ Learn to ignite their people’s’ intrinsic motivation to contribute and turn them into their strongest allies, achieving outstanding business results with them even in challenging foreign markets.

✔ Stop feeling stressed and start enjoying more ease and success at work and in their personal life.

This Linkedin article includes a success story: http://bit.ly/FromManagerToGreatLeader

I work globally in English, German, and Italian, and deliver my programs in person, via video-conference and online.

My references include Mercedes-Benz (Daimler), Ford Motor Company, Luxottica, Roche, Chiesi, UniCredit, Banca Intesa San Paolo, FCA Bank, E.ON, World Food Programme (United Nations) and many more. I also teach Cross-Cultural Management within the Executive MBA Program at the CUOA Business School in Vicenza, Italy.