Haley Recio, SPHR, GPHR, Vice President, Global Human Resources Glass Point Solar

Ed’s special guest is Haley Recio, SPHR, GPHR, Vice President, Global Human Resources Glass Point Solar.

GlassPoint Solar is the leading supplier of solar to the oil and gas industry. The global oil and gas industry consumes an amount of energy equal to 10% of its own production, making it one of the biggest markets for renewable energy. Operating worldwide from the Middle East to California, GlassPoint’s enclosed trough technology delivers the lowest cost energy to power oilfield operations.

By harnessing sunshine, instead of burning natural gas or other fuels, GlassPoint helps oil producers reduce operating expenses while significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions.  GlassPoint is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the world with more than one gigawatt of solar oilfield projects under construction.

We are a culturally diverse company, operating across six locations in four countries. Our core values and respect for diversity is what unites us across our many locations. We are committed to having a positive contribution on both the planet and the local economies in which we operate. For more information, visit GlassPoint.com or contact us at info@glasspoint.com

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