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Ed Cohen

Remember, it’s really all about who-knows-you not who-you-know.

We love producing this show; bringing business people together from across the globe to story-talk, share ideas across time/borders/cultures. Learn & Connect. Would you like an intro?  I invite you to tune-in; wear ear buds when walking, jogging, biking, running, on a train, in a plane.  Tell me if you would like to be on the show, or associate your business logo as a series cosponsor. Not pricey; inquire. Thanks for considering. Contact me  (+1) 619.787.3100  text/talk or email


  according to Google Analytics and company files

  • US & Canada 60%
  • Europe 20%
  • Asia Pac 15%;
  • Lat Am 4%
  • MidEast & Africa 1% 



Ray daSilva

Carol Olsby


Alex Alpert

Jeff Wangler
David Fox
Caterpillar's Dr. John Pompe and Chestnut Global's Dave Sharar
Pat Williams
Bouvier Williams

Bouvier Williams

Dr. Muriel Joseph Williams

Alex Jakobsen

Camille P. Schuster, Ph.D.

Lisa Giruzzi

Rodney H. Scaife

Stephanie Burns

Mark Wilbur

Richard Bahner

Dana Shaw

James Dyak

Laura Goodrich

Anna Carsen

Cynthia Burnham

Bill Treasurer

Dennis Veit

Liz DiMarco

Jim McComb

Imaad Mafooz

Albert Goodman

Julie Bauke

Corey Jahnke

Margot Wetzel

John Smith

Brin McCagg

Lauren Herring


Leisa Ross


Eric Drummond

Jeffery Christie

Luis Revilla

Dr. Luis Revila

Nadine Vogel

Johnny Laurent

Dr. Frank Romano

John Platt

Sylvia Lafair

Alisa Nagle

Jim McComb

Thomas K. Walter

Jeff Garr

Ann Tardy