DALLAS, December 1st  

It’s about accelerating development of the new workforce via mobility assignments, monitored for performance and manged for ROI…to add value to the business.

How are companies executing project assignments with the new workforce?

What about “service-delivery” expectations of the multiple stakeholders?

Learning new ways to Re-Skill and Up-Skill to add value for the business. 

Venue: AIG Boardoom, Plaza of the Americas

600 N Pearl, Ste 700, Dallas 75201

Plaza of the Americas is a major commercial complex in the City Center District of downtown,

adjacent to DART’s Pearl Station and connected to the Dallas Pedestrian Network.

Marriott Hotel and Sheraton Hotel adjacent.

December 1st Higher Education program now developing will include a panel of corporate practitioners of Global HR and Talent Mobility, plus services subject experts … DSP and RMC. Participants will include Mr Joe Crumly of the Holly Frontier Corporation, Debi Dault of Kinetics, Clivia Bettelli Baskin, GMS; Founder & CEO Place2Place, LLC/ Global Destination Services/Intercultural Training/Spouse Support, Elizabeth Lions, and, Bruce Waller.  Additional faculty will be announced soon.

About:  Holly Frontier Corporation (NYSE: HFC)… An independent petroleum refiner in the United States with operations throughout the mid-continent, southwestern and Rocky Mountain regions. Subsidiaries of HollyFrontier produce and market gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, heavy products and specialty lubricant products. Additionally, HollyFrontier owns Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. whose Mississauga, Ontario facility produces 15,600 barrels per day of base oils and other specialized lubricant products.




Women’s Leadership Challenges & Solutions 

Being more effective

Better enabling career growth

audience discussion led by


Career Coach and Author

Keynote Speaker / Broadcast Host



What is it?  Programs cover transition, career management, leadership

You are:

A woman passed over for promotion – and don’t know why
At the Manager, Director or VP level and in transition
Working and hate your job
Convinced your boss is crazy and abusive
Maybe you got fired or laid off
Waiting, hoping work will get better. It doesn’t.
Postponing your happiness telling yourself it is for the good of your family
An individual who values security, stability and wealth
Someone who has been told you ‘made it’. It doesn’t feel like it.
40 or 50 and wonder if this is all there is to life
Feeling alone, old and unwanted as if no one wants your skills
Certain that you should know how to manage your career by now and feel embarrassed that you don’t

Sound like you? 

Session is open to men…

Tips from a Relocation Industry insider…


CRP, PHR, SHRM-CP;  Vice President, Corporate Relocation, Armstrong Relocation  

2017 DallasHR Board of Trustees Chairman



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US Tax Deduction for Continuing Professional Education:
A US income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging, undertaken to maintain or improve skills (Treasury Reg 1.1662-5; Coughlin v. Commissioner Internal Revenue, 203 F2d 307, 2d Circuit 1953)