Washington, Thursday, March 29- The Brookings Institution-8:45 to 4:15 +reception

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Boston was July 2017 …  Bastille Day !


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New York Wall Street was March 30  http://www.globalbusinessnews.net/new-york-global-hr-conference-march-30-2017-2,  

Silicon Valley at ebay hq was May25  http://www.globalbusinessnews.net/silicon-valley-may-25-inside-ebay-san-jose

Toronto was June 28 http://www.globalbusinessnews.net/toronto-canada-june-28th-17  at Cadillac Fairview Corporation,

Boston was July 14 at KPMG http://www.globalbusinessnews.net/boston-global-hr-conference-july-14-2017-2,

Chicago was Sept 25 at Wells Fargo  http://bit.ly/2s6Hdqw, 

L A was October 12 at Seyfarth Shaw LLP http://bit.ly/2gDsWwb, 

New York Wall Street October 24 http://bit.ly/2wHzPFZ, 

Philadelphia October 25 at aka  http://bit.ly/2j4z7hn, 

Nov2  Houston Crisis Solutions at AIG http://bit.ly/2gOjJoj, 

Houston Nov 3 relo at AIG http://bit.ly/2f4ZIpW, 

Fort Lauderdale Nov9 at AutoNation http://bit.ly/2eM8hJn, 

Addison/Dallas Nov 30 Crisis Solutions   http://bit.ly/2wPSvTS, 

Dallas Dec 1 relo http://bit.ly/2wK0fVM .