Why do GLOBAL HR NEWS conferences remain viable? 

Because, based on actual experience, it’s where you can speak-up; it’s a place where you can create key relationships that could last years if you are honestly helpful and if interested in people, are respectful and if you are smart.  1 more thing; you gotta be lucky.  CHEERS!

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Juan Carlos  Gonzalez, Group Manager, Global Mobility

Tim Mulligan, JD; CHRO – VULCAN Inc and co-author of ROAR

 New York Wall Street Briefing on Re-thinking the Global Business of Mobile Talent, 18 September Kendell Moore, Abernathy&MacGregorJon Pardo, DRAGADOSStacy Jorgenson, Mercer
Vince Cordova, Mercer
LaShell Tinder, H&M

Philip Alfonso Berry, MBA, MSW

DonFisher-Relocation Advocate

Fiona Citkin, PhD; author-How They Made It in America