Christine Morlet, CSP, Executive speech coaching; Communicating in the digital era

Christine Morlet is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Business Advisor, Coach and Consultant focused on improved sustained Profitable Deals.

She has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of businesses – from small start-ups to large multinational corporations; from high tech manufactured products through basic commodities, to people based services businesses.

Christine Morlet can help your sales force understand what’s the real difference between Haggling and Negotiating and get much better results within a 30-45 Keynote Speech.

She has worked all around the world with several organization including BOCCARD Industrial Group, French Association for Professional Speakers, CAPSUGEL- PFIZER GROUP, Bouygues UK and International Federation for Professional Speakers.

Christine Morlet is fluent in French, German and English.

Siobhan McHale, Head of HR (EGM Human Resources) Dulux Group Limited, Melbourne, Australia

Ed’s special guest is Siobhan McHale, Head of HR (EGM Human Resources), Dulux Group Limited, Melbourne, Australia… an international paints and coatings company. Siobhan’s interview player is just below her bio.

Her key focus is helping to create a more innovative, consumer driven and growth oriented culture.

Culture Change Specialist
Organisational Psychologist … HR executive leading the shift to a more
growth-oriented and consumer-driven culture, that will fuel the company's next wave of expansion.


1.      What is culture?
2.      Why does culture matter?
3.      How do you change workplace culture?

In Siobhan’s own words:
I’m a culture change specialist with a vision to make workplaces better.
I have a track record of creating healthier, happier and more productive businesses across four
continents. My work has been featured as a case study at Harvard Business School by the
change management guru, Professor John Kotter.

I’m an Organisational Psychologist by background and spent the first decade of my career as a
management consultant advising leaders across Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia
about how to manage change.

Following this decade as a change advisor I decided I wanted some ‘skin in the game’. I
joined a series of large organisations as the senior executive in charge of change. In
these roles I rolled-up my sleeves and worked as a company ‘insider’ to successfully implement
transformational shifts and business turnarounds.

English sheepdog in my profile picture? His name is Digby and he is the brand ambassador for
Dulux Group.

My specialist skills are:
– Culture Change
– Change Management
– Organisation Effectiveness
– Leadership Development
– Diversity & Inclusion
– Employee Engagement
– Learning Strategy & Design
– Performance Management
– Talent Management
– Succession Planning


Helen Watts, Re-entry Coach for Expats

Expat re-entry expert, Helen Watts, is Ed’s special guest.

In Helen’s words:
I work with expats returning to their passport countries who are trying to make sense of their overseas experience, their change in identity, the chaos of their transition and where they’re going next. I help them bring closure to their time away, to take control of their life during their readjustment, and to move forward with a new sense of confidence in who they have become and what they offer to the world.

I spent several years overseas, hence understand transition as expressed in re-entering your own culture, or adapting to another culture. I am a mum who understands what it feels like to lose your identity in motherhood and to have to work out where to go next once the children start at school – overseas or back “home”. I am also trained as a debriefer for those who come back from overseas or out of other challenging situations.

WattsYourPathway provides understanding and accompaniment to repatriates during their reentry experiences into their home culture enabling them to grow and thrive.

I can offer:
– 1-3 hour debriefing sessions for returning overseas workers (including contact before they actually return if desired)
– More on-going debriefing sessions as required
– A series of life coaching sessions to help people who have relocated “home” from living abroad make the most of the opportunity provided by their transition, helping them through the overwhelming times and finding direction for the next phase of life.
– Seminars on Transition for groups of returnees
– A combination of the above according to people’s needs
– An online course helping you finish well and preparing you for returning to your home country (see media below)

I administrate a Facebook Page for dialogue for Repatriates:

Specialties: Repatriation, Expatriation, International Relocation, cultural transition, debriefing, spirituality, identity, well-being, life balance, Enneagram

Connie Wedel, Vice President of Human Resources at the Argen Corporation

Connie Wedel has over two decades of global experience in human resources working for world-leading companies across numerous industries. In addition to being a global HR executive, Connie is an extraprenuer, leadership & career coach, equal rights advocate, writer, speaker, and mom.

She currently serves as the Vice President of Human Resources at the Argen Corporation. Argen is a leading innovator and distruptor within the med device/dental industry. Her smart, business-savvy HR teams continually lead the way to attract, develop, and retain game-changing employees, leaders and teams.

Connie earned a B.S. from the University of Iowa and an Executive Masters in HRM from Cornell University. She holds professional designations of SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, CEP, and is certified in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). An educator at heart, Connie enjoys teaching Organizational Behavior to business students at the University of California, San Diego. She often writes about or is invited to speak on current HR and diversity
& inclusion topics.

On a personal level, Connie attributes her viewpoints on work and life are grounded in being “born global”. Born in Japan, raised in rural Iowa, married to an immigrant, and has lived and worked all across the US. In her professional career, she has had the priviledge of working alongside amazing businesses, leaders, and employees throughout six continents.

MICHAEL GATES… Vice Chairman Richard Lewis Communications, Associate Fellow Saïd Business School University of Oxford

Michael Gates was a Scholar of St. Catherine’s College Oxford, where he gained an M.A. in English Language and Literature.

He worked for five years in radio before moving to Finland where he helped establish the Finnish office of Richard Lewis Communications, which provides cross-cultural, communication skills and business language training world-wide.

He is now Vice Chairman of Richard Lewis Communications internationally, but also takes an active role as a speaker and trainer.

His clients have included Nokia, Microsoft, the World Bank, Duke Fuqua Business School, Rolls-Royce, the University of Oxford, and the Central Eurasian Leadership Academy.

He is a board member of the Finnish-British Trade Association, and Director of Operations of The English-Speaking Union of Finland.

He has published numerous articles and chapters in books on cross-cultural topics, including in The Telegraph, La Tribune, People Management, and Management Next, the leading Indian magazine for senior executives.

He has five children, and has lived in Finland for more than 30 years.



Michael Snapkoski, Senior Vice President of Revenue Generation at BridgeStreet Global Hospitality

For over twenty years, Michael Snapkoski has developed a diverse background in revenue generation, hospitality sales and marketing which includes sales leadership of global accommodations solutions company, several city center hotels, major branded hotels, a variety of independent hotels/resorts, opening the largest convention hotel on the eastern seaboard, along with experience in higher end boutique properties and resorts in primary markets.

His experience also includes multi-property responsibility and several property repositioning’s.

Michael has worked for some of the leading hospitality companies such as Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Crestline Hotels & Resorts, Gaylord Hotels & Resorts, and Destination Hotels & Resorts.

Michael’s properties have been the recipient of several awards and recognitions by many publications and organizations.

Specialties: Total Revenue Generation, Reservations, Revenue Management, Conference Services, Local Catering Sales, Team Building, Sales Strategy Planning & Execution, Budgeting/Forecasting, ROI-Driven Marketing, Brand Positioning and Overall Revenue Growth.

7 Steps To The Summit: Andrew Elliman, Head of European Business Development for AGS 360° Relocations, Humanitarian and International Adventurer

Andrew supports clients in creating mobility solutions revolving around their international and domestic needs. Andrew has been involved in the Global mobility industry since 1986, working with mobility managers and HR teams to create and implement policy solutions for their employees relocating both locally and globally within the same organisation.

Specialties: The creation of domestic and international relocation and moving solutions for corporate clients including policy bench-marking and creation, service delivery, transition management and ongoing management/trend reporting.

Service summary – Visa & Immigration, Area Orientation, Temporary Housing, School Search, Home Finding, Language & Cultural Training, Household Goods Moving, Settling In Assistance, Tenancy Management, Expense Management


As some of you may know in 2015 I attempted to climb Everest and break the world record for the highest dinner party ever held on Earth! Unfortunately this did not happen, as the team and I got caught up in the worst earthquake disaster Nepal has ever seen. We were at advanced base camp (6500m) and what was meant to be a fun mission, turned into a nightmare to get home.

I’m lucky to say the team and I made it down to safety, but others were not so lucky and lost their lives.

Since then for the last two years I have been giving talks about my experience and raising funds for Community Action Nepal (a charity set up to help the mountain people of Nepal). The talks last for about an hour and I also show a 10 minute film with footage of the actual earthquake happening around me.

I have a few more talks booked in for this year and into the new year, but still have spaces left in the calendar for more. If you would like me to talk at your event, club or conference, please do get in touch. I do not charge for these talks, but do ask you make a donation on the night to the charity and cover my travel expenses. The talks can be incorporated around your field of reference i.e. Motivational / Mission statements / Company vision / Sales etc. I have done various talks for top executives in large organisations, WI groups, mobility conferences, village halls and even the National Farmers Union in the UK. So I can cater for all needs.

In 2018 I will be returning to Everest to attempt the dinner party once again and continue to raise funds for Community Action Nepal.

​P​lease do have a look at our website: ​

If you or your company would be interested in becoming an official sponsor for the Everest Dinner Party 2018, please do get in touch with me and I would be happy to discuss the options, features and benefits.

Best regards, Andrew Elliman


James Krulder, Director of International AutoSource (IAS)

James Krulder is director of International AutoSource (IAS), which provides expats the opportunity to lease or purchase a vehicle at factory invoice pricing, without having a local credit history, and without being subjected to interest rates or pricing that is higher than the average American would have to pay.

“We integrate best practices, value and performance for customer-focused programs that exceed our client’s and customer’s expectations and we do it with purpose, pride and passion,” says James.

James Krulder is a capable, results orientated manager with experience in leading high performance teams and successfully increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and inefficiencies. He has the ability to nurture and grow a business, evaluate opportunities and risks, and also deliver innovative solutions to challenges. Further, he has developed excellent client facing and configuration skills and is highly successful in helping define company direction, achieving goals and optimizing business.

Most recently, James has expanded IAS’s global reach to over 150 countries, improved their customer service index for both partner and consumer direct, and finally, established and maintained several key strategic partnerships. James will continue to focus on expanding IAS’s benefit packages for the global mobility community, and always ensure that they provide the absolute best service and savings for an Expat to buy, lease or finance a vehicle.


Ann Ellis, CEO and Co-founder of The Mauve Group of Companies

As one of Mauve’s founders, Ann Ellis was the first and only “back-office” employee in the early days, providing services and support to telecoms projects. Today, Ann’s role as CEO is just as energetic and she is profoundly involved in the business at every level. Ann is multi-lingual and enjoys experiencing new cultures as she travels the world expanding the organisation’s infrastructure.

The Mauve Group of Companies came into being in 1996, from an office the size of a small cupboard and a kernel of an idea born out of practicality. At the time of Mauve’s conception, technology was rapidly advancing and as a consequence, business was shifting into a global arena.

With extensive backgrounds in the telecommunications industry, Mauve’s founders knew well the need for remote or mobile workforces. They identified a gap in the market for compliant global payroll, employment and immigration solutions, knowing these would provide organisations and individuals the freedom and opportunity to explore new business territory.

As the organisation expanded its size and reach with a network of strategically positioned local entities, the scope of Mauve Group’s services began to evolve from core employment solutions into the broad bill-of-fare we offer today in more than 60 countries worldwide.

From the smallest requirement to the largest, today the Mauve Group provides expert global knowledge and services to companies across a diverse field of industries, but still retains the inclusive, supportive ethos of its earliest incarnation as the “Company in the Cupboard”.

Elizabeth Karcher, Director Global Mobility and Total Rewards Communications, Discovery, Inc.

Elizabeth Karcher oversees an international human resources team that manages mobility and communicates total rewards benefits.

The mobility team supports a global workforce, structures and administers international assignments, manages immigration and tax compliance, and relocates employees.  The team partners with human resources business partners and  talent management and supports international compensation, benefits, international payroll, secondments, employment contracts, employee health and wellness benefits programs. Her team leads programs and initiatives across multi-jurisdictions with a focus on service and compliance. The communications team creates campaigns and initiatives to communicate total rewards benefits internally to Discovery’s world-wide employee population. Elizabeth’s achievements include recognition both domestically and internationally for her team’s work in HR, mobility and total rewards communications.  Most recently her team was recognized for creating a model to use predicative analytics to measure potential return on investment for human capital.