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Christine Morlet, CSP, Executive speech coaching; Communicating in the digital era

Christine Morlet is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Business Advisor, Coach and Consultant focused on improved sustained Profitable Deals. She has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of businesses – from small start-ups to large multinational corporations; from high tech manufactured products through basic commodities, to people based services businesses. Christine Morlet can help your […]

Siobhan McHale, Head of HR (EGM Human Resources) Dulux Group Limited, Melbourne, Australia

Ed’s special guest is Siobhan McHale, Head of HR (EGM Human Resources), Dulux Group Limited, Melbourne, Australia… an international paints and coatings company. Siobhan’s interview player is just below her bio. Her key focus is helping to create a more innovative, consumer driven and growth oriented culture. Culture Change Specialist Organisational Psychologist … HR executive leading the […]

Helen Watts, Re-entry Coach for Expats

Expat re-entry expert, Helen Watts, is Ed’s special guest. In Helen’s words: I work with expats returning to their passport countries who are trying to make sense of their overseas experience, their change in identity, the chaos of their transition and where they’re going next. I help them bring closure to their time away, to […]

Presenting Christine Morlet, CSP, Executive speech coaching; Communicating in the digital era

Executives, more than ever before, need to communicate personally and more clearly across silos, across generations, across borders   Christine Morlet, CSP Keynoter PARIS GLOBALHR EXECUTIVE NETWORK   (click, review agenda) December 6th   Click …watch the video “I’m a Positive Influence Specialist and coach Senior Executives on how to structure their keynotes and business presentations” … christine-morlet.com

Connie Wedel, Vice President of Human Resources at the Argen Corporation

Connie Wedel has over two decades of global experience in human resources working for world-leading companies across numerous industries. In addition to being a global HR executive, Connie is an extraprenuer, leadership & career coach, equal rights advocate, writer, speaker, and mom. She currently serves as the Vice President of Human Resources at the Argen Corporation. Argen is a […]

FINLAND: Why have Finns been so successful?

Michael Gates    A Dutch partner of ours just asked me why, if many Finns are of so few words, they are so successful. He had been posed this question by a course participant, and struggled for an answer. I wrote a quick list and thought I’d post it here… Your client seems to equate talking […]