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We believe in “open source” which means GLOBAL FREE ACCESS FREE DOWNLOAD 24-7-365. Please use us as a part of your resources. We welcome your questions and suggestions; we want you to know us. Please contact us by email: edcohen@globalbusinessnews.net or text to (+1)6197873100.

GLOBAL BUSINESS NEWS and the affiliated GLOBALHR NEWS, GLOBALRADIOtalkshow.com, and the conference series known as GLOBALBUSINESS MOBILE TALENT, are owned and operated by COMARKETING PARTNERS, an independent management consulting firm that owns and operates communications channels and is also actively involved with a variety of partners who are expert in their respective practices.

COMARKETING PARTNERS Services/Products include:

  • Graphics/Design of your company magazines and brochures
  • Video production
  • Media training for speaking roles
  • Live and broadcast
  • Marketing Management including Public Relations

Advanced-level, continuing professional education.