Christine Morlet, CSP, Executive speech coaching; Communicating in the digital era

Christine Morlet is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Business Advisor, Coach and Consultant focused on improved sustained Profitable Deals.

She has extensive experience across a broad spectrum of businesses – from small start-ups to large multinational corporations; from high tech manufactured products through basic commodities, to people based services businesses.

Christine Morlet can help your sales force understand what’s the real difference between Haggling and Negotiating and get much better results within a 30-45 Keynote Speech.

She has worked all around the world with several organization including BOCCARD Industrial Group, French Association for Professional Speakers, CAPSUGEL- PFIZER GROUP, Bouygues UK and International Federation for Professional Speakers.

Christine Morlet is fluent in French, German and English.

Siobhan McHale, Head of HR (EGM Human Resources) Dulux Group Limited, Melbourne, Australia

Ed’s special guest is Siobhan McHale, Head of HR (EGM Human Resources), Dulux Group Limited, Melbourne, Australia… an international paints and coatings company. Siobhan’s interview player is just below her bio.

Her key focus is helping to create a more innovative, consumer driven and growth oriented culture.

Culture Change Specialist
Organisational Psychologist … HR executive leading the shift to a more
growth-oriented and consumer-driven culture, that will fuel the company's next wave of expansion.


1.      What is culture?
2.      Why does culture matter?
3.      How do you change workplace culture?

In Siobhan’s own words:
I’m a culture change specialist with a vision to make workplaces better.
I have a track record of creating healthier, happier and more productive businesses across four
continents. My work has been featured as a case study at Harvard Business School by the
change management guru, Professor John Kotter.

I’m an Organisational Psychologist by background and spent the first decade of my career as a
management consultant advising leaders across Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia
about how to manage change.

Following this decade as a change advisor I decided I wanted some ‘skin in the game’. I
joined a series of large organisations as the senior executive in charge of change. In
these roles I rolled-up my sleeves and worked as a company ‘insider’ to successfully implement
transformational shifts and business turnarounds.

English sheepdog in my profile picture? His name is Digby and he is the brand ambassador for
Dulux Group.

My specialist skills are:
– Culture Change
– Change Management
– Organisation Effectiveness
– Leadership Development
– Diversity & Inclusion
– Employee Engagement
– Learning Strategy & Design
– Performance Management
– Talent Management
– Succession Planning