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Why Global Business News? Here, with commentary, is Ed Cohen, Editor & Publisher…

So, now may I ask you…


Your opinion matters.

Global business, a ‘megatrend’, has better enabled development of diverse people & economies worldwide resulting in an expansion and rise of a global middle class.

Further, opportunity for global business is creating an evolving pool of localized global talent for ‘smart companies’ … MNC’s and local start-ups in Krakow, Riga, Kiev, Tel Aviv, Amman, Istanbul, Bucharest, Praha, Budapest, Milano, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, San Diego, LA, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Austin, Vancouver or Toronto, India, HK, China, Taiwan, Seoul, Japan, Maui and Honolulu, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai, Cairo, Chile, Panama, Mexico, Argentina and Brasil and Cape Town, and beyond.

From all this activity and striving, developing is a growing, keen awareness by locals to develop a ‘global mindset’… and awareness of things going on.

Yes, imbalances have been created. Global business has a responsibility to be a resource for learning and people development, and, community development.

In the USA, I say let’s “get it right” … because in my America no one should be left behind. Let’s build a private/public partnership to develop + implement worker retraining and ‘upskilling’, and fund compensation for the displaced, and also adjust tax codes to make California (my home) and perhaps all across the USA the 21st century ‘enterprise zone’.

It’s good for business “over there” and it’s good for America. Your opinion matters to me so what say you?  Send your comments …

Ed Cohen, Editor & Publisher

Phone/Text: (+1) 619-787-3100