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Morning Keynoter

Mr Wilfried Porth  

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Human Resources; and, he is also the Director of Labor Relations with Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Tolerance and appreciation of diversity does not only come along with him at Daimler in Stuttgart, he also worked for the company in South Africa, Brazil and Japan. For him these values also count in futbol – as a VfB-fan and Vice President of the Supervisory Board of VfB Stuttgart 1893 AG.

Mercedes “concept” car



January 30

Allen Koski, Senior Vice President, Commercial Partnerships. UnitedHealthcare Global Solutions at UnitedHealth Group 


Natalie Forest, Ph.D.

Natalie, America’s Leading Expert in Personal Performance, is Founder of Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential, a series of educational trainings for individuals and corporations across the globe. Natalie engages leaders, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs to identify consistencies for their success. Her engaging methods and techniques address Human Capital, Leadership, Diversity, and Change Management in business and personal situations leading to increases productivity, teamwork, retention, resulting in higher profitability, authentic fulfillment, and less stress. Since November 2017, she is the proud recipient of the 2016 President Barack Obama Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mark A. Bicocchi

Senior Manager, Global Mobility; Hilton Worldwide

Matthew Burns, Managing Director

Tullow International HR Consulting, LLC

Executive with extensive experience in Global Mobility, Shared Services and International Affairs that delivers stronger compliance, increased client satisfaction and reduced unit cost of operations. Focus on process improvement, process automation, integration and complex project management. Worked overseas assignments in six countries as well as experience supporting business operations in every region of the globe. 




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Understand Local Plus


By Olivier Meier, Mercer

Defining it;

The Business Case;

Practical Implication Tips;

Limits and Risks.

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There are so many inspiring changes happening in the HR industry.

We see incredible potential for HR managers who have the desire to implement developing best practices in their HR departments and  organizations.

  1. Brand development from a hiring perspective: HR managers are being pulled into brand management based on who they hire and if they are able to hire top talent. Millennials are the growing employee base and they cannot be bribed by money alone. They are looking for company culture, job satisfaction, the ability to give back and flexibility. It is up to the HR managers to communicate company culture to prospective talent in a way that allows them to hire top candidates. This article by Undercover Recruiter has a great list of tools to help with employer branding.
  2. Engaging workforce using gamification: We see gamification becoming more prevalent as a means to increase employee engagement and to understand more about employees, how they think, and what they are motivated by. See this link for examples of how companies are using gamification as an informative tool.
  3. Employee Experience: Retaining employees is more cost effective than recruiting new people. Retaining employees makes for a more cohesive company culture. Think of your employee career stages as your marketing department would consider your company customer buying stages: Employees want individualized tailored career paths and experiences. Understand your employees from a personna perspective in order to better serve them and retain them. Know what path they will take along their employment journey and you will be better able to serve them. We found this article in HBR on this subject to be interesting and thought provoking.
  4. Human Resources is being asked to contribute to overall company strategy because HR is at the epicenter of everything going on within the company. This is where many career opportunities for HR will be found. Payroll and some types compliance are being automated. We are seeing a need for HR to strategize more deeply with C-Suite executives on issues like brand management, company strategies.
  5. HR should understand technology advances that relate to HR and company goals. It will be important to stay on top of technology that the company can use to manage employees. A large portion of the queries made by staff are the same, they most often relate to vacation, benefits and policy questions that a HR computerized bot can handle. Bots will be used more and more to help with HR related questions from employees. 
  6. Fast paced changes call for constant retraining and continuous employee reviews based on those changes. This will place new demands on HR. You will need to train your mind to be comfortable with constant change and also educate employees to do the same. Flexibility and willingness to see things from all angles and perspectives as the company grows and changes will be key. Having access to training programs, preferably online with some support is essential so new skills can be added quickly and inexpensively. CHECK-OUT and … examples of companies that provide training with a flexible schedule.
  7. Workplace diversity demands requires upgraded communication skills and understandings. Social media influences on recruitment are drastically changing the way new potential hires are recruited and retained. Compassion and understanding of differences will be much needed traits for HR.
  8. HR needs to be trained in understanding how to compile and communicate statistics for upper management. Traditional HR is continually evolving into evidence & people-based analytics, which will be driven by HR. HR is now able to use facts compiled by technology programs to push for HR intervention when needed and follow up with fact driven results. Statistical references also help HR to move into their more strategic role with top management by providing important data about the company that is needed during conversations regarding future planning.
  9. Contingent teams are increasing causing companies to be able to train on a dime to get part-timers and remote employees up to speed quickly during a crunch time. Also it will be important to communicate the company culture to these contingent teams so there is a tight company culture across teams no matter where they work in the world and whether they are full time or part time employees.
  10. Harassment Prevention needs to be ingrained into company culture in the HR department. Enforcing a company culture that does not tolerate harassment or discrimination can be challenging for some companies but if the company HR team states this intent right from the get-go there is a greater chance of success.
  11. HR digitized resource centers are increasing in popularity. It will be HR’s responsibility to create a happy medium between self service and customer service for employees.

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