REGISTRATION is now open: $250 single but Group Rate $199/seat for 2+.

US Tax Deduction for Continuing Professional Education:
A US income tax deduction is allowed for expenses of education including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging, undertaken to maintain or improve skills (Treasury Reg 1.1662-5; Coughlin v. Commissioner Internal Revenue, 203 F2d 307, 2d Circuit 1953)

Here’s a review of the March 30th program. Connect with speakers? Receive info? text/call (+1) 619 787 3100  or email

850, Moderator’s Intros — who’s in the room?

915,   BREXIT hits New York property? James Moss- FRICS, FARLA, MCIArb; Managing Director, CURZON and by Paul Soley, Managing Director; CURZON Real Estate

945, Coffee break

1015,  TALENT ROI? Build a Resilient mobile workforce; make them more productive. Presenter …Sandy Asch, coAuthor  … you should check-out

1115,  Inno mobile expense management… Peter Fonseca, President, Orion Mobility

12   Lunch

1250 to 150, It’s the NEW WORKFORCE … dynamics rapidly changing companies and people policies for the world they will be living in …  interactive audience conversation led by Rob O’Donnell, Managing Director of Consulting Services – Solutions21

150, Break

2,  Upskill to MOBILITY 3.0   presented by Elena Mosko, Founder & CEO, Globiana

230 to 530,   GlobalBusiness TALK SHOW Conversations™   

Boards are now demanding 100% ROI on Talent Strategies, including Mobility.  

Relocating the c-suite; at what price?  

How to Go Strategic and keep your job.

So, how do you do Customer Experience? 

Should Mobility be a profit center?

Who owns biz travel? 

How about diversity and women ‘doing’ international assignments?

Moderator: Ed Cohen, Publisher – INTERVIEW magazine; Publisher –, Broadcast Host –   Special VIP Guests will include…

HOLLY CLONTZ, CRP, GMS-T; Manager, Global Mobility Services; Ingersoll Rand; LARRY CABALDON, CEO, Boardroom Performance Group; EDWARD GIBBONS, Principal, KPMG LLP; RINA MONTALVO, LL.M., Head, Global Mobility and Immigration; Dow Jones / News Corp; ALEXANDRA TAYLOR, Vice President Global Mobility; Black Rock; LASHELL TINDER, GPHR, GMS, SSGB; HR Director, Mobility; Skanska USA; HOAI C. TRUONG, GMS, Global Mobility Manager; Hudson’s Bay Company 

adjourn to reception