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to June23 SanDiego lunch&learn at American history museum...very cool; see how America began, Colonial Boston, The British are coming!

June23 is about recruit nextGen STEM professionals, tech companies, investors
'... Global business has better enabled development of people and economies worldwide, resulting in the rise of a global middle class'

- Edwin B Cohen, Editor&Publisher -GlobalBusinessnews

Quote from Harvard Business: 'The only way for organizations to ensure their workforces are fully productive and able to achieve business goals is to make sure employees are continuously learning, so that they are driving the business forward'
California GDP
#8 worldwide; experience 5G convergence 'growing global mindset, acquiring & developing global talent' via rewards, building 'global products', growing global profits



L A & Irvine soon; recently
5 April in downtown L A

learn, exchange ideas, connect, thrive


Global Employment Companies (GEC)-Oil&Gas finds it a good answer to managing rotators

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Less than 25% of women have SENIOR LEADERSHIP ROLES

A Practical Guide to Accelerating More Women to Leadership


Corporate Relocation issues: USA MILLENNIAL FAMILIES not relocating to the big cities

and this will impact new business site selection, recruiting, relo policies, housing/mortgages, school construction

California, New York implemented fair pay legislation to address wage disparities between male/female

“equal work” replaced with “substantially similar work” ... stipulation of work taking place “at same establishment” removed.

current earnings 79% of men’s, on average

NextGen in the workplaces; CHROs faced with evolving organizational expectations.

45 CHROs from across globe speak about about journey to CHRO position file: AON_NextGen_CHROs ...
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Charles Brooks-Washington Insider

Here's how to do better business inside the Washington Beltway

UNDERSTAND the '4 Pillars' of Washington...

Government, Executive, Judicial, Legislative

COMMERCIAL business, global financial institutions;
POLICY academia, think tanks, associations/orgs;
MEDIA old and new

Going global?
Are you building a global workforce?

Communicate clearly

Stay flexible

Shop for local talent

... but it will be worth it if done right

FBI counter-intelligence...

Are you a good communicator?

It's a 2-way street...

FBI says to consider these 10 Techniques for building rapport with anyone

...learning how to connect with people who are very different than you...

Reprioritizing EB-5 to benefit targeted areas

...provides visas for foreign investors who invest $1 million in a U.S. business that creates or preserves at least 10 U.S. jobs. The main purpose: attract capital investment and create jobs.

US Chamber CEO responds below (see blue text)

IMF-World Bank:
LatAm Priorities Next Decade

... region needs to develop new opportunities for social development

Key priorities include participation in formal labor markets, increasing productivity

...significant social gains past 15 years

EMPLOYMENT is key to fighting poverty, inequality


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
--- Buckminster Fuller

' Transforming M&A due diligence, integration ... mitigating risks....'

introduces you to...

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar, CEO, Potentious®
Potentious M&A Leadership Risk Profile™

HR not meeting demands for doing better global business.

Confusion in corporate America about the HR role supporting biz performance.

How to improve engagement, performance?
How to 'evolve' org culture ?

... redefine HR's Purpose, Brand
... teach company leaders how to mentor and coach

Dateline, Asia-Pacific:

EMPLOYER BRAND counts big. Nearly 60% CEOs and C-suite expected to quit this year; find better jobs. Like in sports...execs becoming Free Agents?

i> 'Employer Brand' refers to 'positioning' by a company to enhance the employment experience. A 'story' is told to match factors that would appeal to a target candidate.


INTERNATIONAL M & A ... Global HR impacts success
Got 9-minutes?

your opinion matters to us !

You are invited to share your ideas and learn what others are saying about their challenges...and solutions.

#1 problem:


CEOs ... are they just like us ?

...take a closer look at the personalities and preferences of those who occupy the corner office.

Black is the clothing color of choice for 32% ...18% use environmentally friendly ways to get around ...62% abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages at company happy hours


AFRICA bound?

Africa is a continent rising....investment flowing into countries across the continent at an impressive rate.

PwC reports...

‘Into Africa'
– the continent’s cities of opportunity’, details the 20 African cities set to become the most dynamic on the continent.

L'Oreal USA, State Department Advance Women in STEM

18 women, scientific leaders from 17 countries meet, plan next steps.

L'Oreal USA science research mostly women.

L'Oreal Paris to keynote at Paris April 14th GlobalBusinessNews conference on GlobalBusiness MobileTalent

'Modern Mobility' report asks: How can you be sure that your mobility programme is fit for the future? Businesses investing millions each year but cannot measure ROI

Only 17% of organisations have robust policies, processes, controls for tax, immigration, regulatory compliance.


By having a strategic plan in place, companies can anticipate potential localization issues and make the process as efficient as possible.

6 Reasons Companies Consider Localization

Harvard Business and EY report on 'effective global mobility strategy'

Best-in-class orgs say global mobility critical to supporting new business growth,
improving financial performance,
bolstering employee engagement, succession planning,
retain/develop top talent,
increasing diversity.

What can be done?
Fix mobility policy; integrate, align with Business Strategies.

Key talent evaporating costing millions. Assignments 'change' assignee, family. They have grown; has your organization developed while they were away? Disconnect happens.

Expat needs must be supported. New skill-sets utilized and adpated for next position

Executive Interview

Ian Ormesher
SVP, Head-Global Human Resources
Mead Johnson Nutrition

How to build an effective business™
oversees the 'people agenda' across Asia, Europe, LatAm, NorthAm

Persian Gulf

SIRVA issues Mobility Report

growth of private industries including financial,
oil and gas,

...attracting foreigners from all over the world with employment opportunities

San Francisco

CEO's say tech growth will continue thru '17

23% see top profits '18 +

CEO issues: rapidly changing customer dynamics; 57% see 'skills gap'; 79% now concerned about product relevance in 3 years or sooner

CEOs expect to add M&A to growth strategy

Brasil & Paris

Alstom, Andrade Gutierrez agree to Brasil-based JV

...will build, run factory making steel towers for wind turbines. Plant expected to begin production this year and will be able to make 200 towers a year

Beijing, China

Employee Wellness.
Smoking Cessation Program accepted and deployed for Chinese and also for multinationals.

Did you know China is world's largest 'smoker' ?

learn more...

Moscow, Russia

Employee Wellness.
Russian steel manufacturer implements Substance Abuse Program. Worksite intervention new in Russia.

Alcohol consumption MORE THAN DOUBLE critical level set by World Health Organization. Alcohol Screening Program has worked...cut Absenteeism Rates



Tectonic shifts are coming...
from today's Internet Economy to the new Digital Consumer Economy.

5 digital technologies are driving shift.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) says
Enterprises must reimagine themselves ...
for the new Digital Consumer Economy.



Are you on the forward edge of the curve vs. being reactive to adopting more mature technologies?

Latin America view

RIO GLOBAL '14 was presented in association with EY (Ernst &Young).

Developing Brasil's Natural Resources; Developing the 21st Century Workforce Utilizing Talent Mobility

Thank You EY and cosponsors: JohnRichard, MSA, Chestnut Global Partners, Premier Destination



How CFOs can partner with the leaders of other internal functions
to drive organizational performance.


'In the face of difficult challenges,
great leaders do not retrench.
Just the opposite – they step up.'

Jamie Dimon, Chairman, CEO - JPMorgan Chase

'Bad leaders can drive out almost anyone who’s good because they are corrosive to an organization; and since many are manipulative and deceptive, it often is a challenge to find them and root them out.'

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Steve Jones, Author
Start You Up: Rock Star Secrets to Unleash Your Personal Brand and Set Your Career on Fire

Lessons from 30 years in the music biz witnessing the rise and fall of countless rock legends

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Elena Mosko, Founder and CEO
Globiana Concierge

Globiana Concierge is an adaptation support platform focused on the needs of the accompanying spouses of relocated corporate employees.

Executive Interview

Scott Hamilton, President & CEO,
Executive Next Practices Institute

Managing Director, NextWorks™

Keynote speaker, Hamilton globally noted business leader in the area of executive performance and organizational alignment, ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to the Global 1000.

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Robyn Hatcher, Author

You will be able to learn how to apply it for personal growth, business success.

Introducing you to Robyn Hatcher: Actress, voiceover artist, writer, and expert communications guest for Huffpost Live... and, GlobalBusinessNews

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

David Fox, China expert
Senior Manager of Global HR and Talent Leader

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview


Jeff Christie, Manager, JPS Health Systems, and Tony Devencenzi, Senior VP, Wells Fargo Bank

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview


Jeff Wangler, President,
AIReS Relocation Management

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Philip Berry, Author
Being Better Than You Believe

Retired global executive with Colgate-Palmolive, Philip has lived abroad and worked in over 60 countries and gained extensive experience in leadership development and human capital improvement strategies on a global level.

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Cynthia Pedigo
Sr. Program Manager
Intel Corporation

Build an expat ecosystem, to welcome their large expatriate population in Dalian.

GlobalRadioTalkShow interview

Elizabeth Sawyer, CEO, Bennett School Placement Worldwide

Elizabeth is an 'international hybrid'...just like many of the xpat children she has served. She is a trusted advisor and subject expert.

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Winthrop Smith, Jr.,
Author, Catching Lightning in a Bottle

CEO, Merrill Lynch International (Ret)

Join our conversation about the original Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith and their approach to providing Customer Service. Mr. Smith is a member of the founding ownership of Merrill Lynch.

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Michael P. Aitken,
SHRM Director
US Government Affairs

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Amber Neben, USA Olympian and Author,
...the Making of a Spiritual Champion

In 2012, Amber was selected to represent Team USA at the Olympics. To cap off her comeback from huge setbacks Amber finished on the top step of the podium at the World Championships with a win in the Team Time Trial.

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Sara Hill, CHRO, Ceridian

Sara oversees global HR functions; has responsibility for enhancing the employee experience...

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Patricia Cori, Author, Screenwriter

A Real Life Indiana Jones...
Patricia is an eco-activist and explorer, well-known authority on the realms of the mystic. Her views of the world and multidimensional reality challenge the status quo.

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Carlos Viola, Author,
'Black Lion'

Carlos Viola was President/CEO, Aeroterra S.A., a technology company dedicated to providing geospatial solutions using GIS (Geographic Info Systems) and satellite imagery.

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Hampton Dowling, International Trade Consultant

Managing Partner,
The HCB Group, LLC

GlobalRadioTalkShow interview

Andrew Cox, CEO, My CredexCredit Migration Services for XPATS
'No Credit Score' should not mean 'No Credit'
Solving the problem!

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Siamak Farah, CEO, InfoStreet

...makers of SkyDesktop, a free Cloud-based desktop

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

Pat Williams, Author
Attention Business Managers...Learn how to be like WALT DISNEY

GlobalRadioTalkShow Executive Interview

James Krulder, Director
International AutoSource


B-suite speaks-out:
Boardrooms advise CFO + CHRO should sync. New geo-biz opps drive capital re-allocations.

Dateline: HONG KONG

Hong Kong economy will suffer from RMB depreciation. Prices go higher for travel related expenses.

...companies have lost 4 percent of their earnings in Hong Kong dollar terms. If we assume the yuan will depreciate 10% in the next 12 months, their Hong Kong dollar-denominated earnings will lose 10% 2016.


SUEZ CANAL EXPANSION Objective: shorten journeys -Europe, Mid East - also Asia - US.

Egypt in a major economic advance...
FEATURED INFO (rest cursor to stop slide show, click to open)
* Being a Good Leader in Challenging Times
* ? BYOD Privacy ? People Don't Know What Employers Can and Cannot See on Their Mobile Devices
* Corporate HR and Finance Executives Collaboration. Survey shows a shared human capital and risk agenda, but differences in paths toward increased collaboration.
New measurement: influence and performance
* ASSIGNMENT FAILURE: 104 CEOs LEAVE THEIR POSTS IN MAY... Why? How can the problem be fixed?
* 6 California companies in $2 Million US EPA Award to smaller businesses. This could mean an opportunity for recruitment and relocations.
* Innovative Reverse Mentoring Project Results in Corporate Career Development Success Model; MultiGenerational Employee Transfer of Knowledge about Social Media
* New York Mayor Bloomberg Announces Online Competition Soliciting Ideas From Young Men To Reduce Racial And Ethnic Disparities.
* CANADA reaches-out to Silicon Valley innovators; we will get out of your way so come grow with us
* BRASIL: BMW to build plant for 30,000 cars; invest 200 million euros; hire +1,000
* Worldwide ERC® Introduces GMS-T: New Strategic Talent Mobility Training
* DO YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO NETWORK? It's really about who knows YOU!
* Millions are quitting for new training on Mobile and Cloud technology
* California Employers have another Notice Posting Obligation - Have you Posted Your Human Trafficking Notice?
* United Nations says "Global Migration can spur opportunity for social and economic growth"...
* Women in the Workforce Increasingly Critical. International Women's Day Underlines Structural Barriers Preventing Women From Unleashing their Potential
* DIAGEO: GENDER DIVERSITY... company is honored for its commitment; named to National Association for Female Execs TOP 50
* future
* Deloitte acquires BERSIN
* 12 competencies define a global leader.
* Defining the New High Performer; Employees Who Are Immune to Change; Willing to Collaborate; Able to Apply Sound Judgment
* INNOVATION....says Harvard; a Learning Agility
Visa rules relaxed by Germany...for entrepreneurs and skilled workers. Germany Trade & Invest experts welcome the EU Blue Card and streamlined processes
Dual Career survey confirms growing importance of partner employment
* Work-life Fit + Enjoying What They Do... Top List of Reasons Why Employees Stay on the Job
Virginia Supreme Court Ruling Opens Up Corporate Managers to Individual Liability in Wrongful Discharge Lawsuits for First Time in Virginia
Chestnut Global Partners + Caterpillar Inc. win BEST Vendor Partnership
Re-examine Social Media Policies re COSTCO NLRB decision
V.I.P. Mortgages' Employee Retention Strategy Shoots Straight from the Heart
* Position Offered:
MONSANTO - EMEA Benefits Manager
VTB Capital announces launch of ELEVATE programme
31% companies worldwide plan to increase HR spend to combat recession; 44% will change HR structure
Line Managers taking on more HR responsibility
Integrating HR and IT becoming critical relationship for greater organisation effectiveness
* Video Job Interviews... 60% companies use video...quickly and cost-effectively evaluate applicants
* Video Job Interviews
60% companies use video to quickly, cost-effectively evaluate applicants
* Executive Advice; Getting the most out of living abroad depends on Biculturalism and Integrative Complexity as key drivers of creative and professional success
* AUTO TRANSPORT PLUS™ launches new software
... most advanced Automotive Logistics technology available today
* Mexico's Assurant Solutions named a Great Place to Work
* SIRVA acquires a Brasil-based relocation management firm
* RED VENTURES, South Carolina-based, announces plans to hire 1,000
* LexisNexis® Announces Worldwide Screening Solution
* 5 Great Tips for Achieving a Work-Life Balance
* USA Top 10 States for Manufacturing Jobs; Industry on the rebound after several years of decline
* 90% willing to consider a new job
* ...scandals and crises just keep on comin' ... Crisis Management -- Who Survived, Who Thrived, and Who Self-Destructed Over the Past Year
* Employing Social Media Best Practices
* Northrop Grumman Announces New Leadership Appointments
* Top HR problems identified
* Chrysler Group Launches Redesigned Careers Web Site. Redesign enables candidates to experience Chrysler Group's people, products and culture.
* LOCKTON in St. Louis Named Top Workplace. Lockton Companies is the world's largest privately held insurance broker.
* Bain Capital Ventures Introduces StartUp Academy... identify top talent and provide college students with unique opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience
* Bench International adds Catherine Balin to Executive Team, bringing more than 30 years of executive recruiting and human resources consulting experience
* QATAR in the Persian Gulf; innovation in expat children's education
* PLAYBOY Playmates and the GENIUS visa
* PwC US Leadership names TERRI McCLEMENTS as the US Human Capital Leader
* Ernst & Young has surveyed 810 business executives on Global Issues. Business Implications - - companies are facing Talent Challenges and Organization Development issues
* TRAVEL GUARD, a CHARTIS company and worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance, has become Host and Top Sponsor of Houston Energy Industry GLOBALHR Business Conference November 1st
* VERENIUM Corporation named a San Diego BEST PLACE TO WORK
* ...the system is broken... agreed many in attendance; vigorous debate about how to fix it
* Microsoft opens new office in California Silicon Valley for expansion of strategic development
* INNOVATION: Identifying personality characteristics that significantly increase the likelihood that an individual will support innovative "CSR" ...corporate social resposibility
* Announcing the KPMG GAPP Survey - - - Global Assignment Policies and Practices...valuable trends and insight on how global organizations administer their international human resource (HR) programs
* Starz Entertainment Promotes Sheryl Anderson To Executive Vice President, Human Resources And Administration
* Global Spend $100 Billion CONTINGENT LABOR... reflects surging growth in the use of VMS and MSP to manage contingent labor...managed by a technology or alternative service
* BMO Harris names Todd Senger to lead the commercial team for expansion and growth
* AIRBUS to establish US assembly line for A320 in Alabama; Airbus now partners with hundreds of US suppliers in +40 states
* Direct-to-Consumer Marketing: Can Genetic Knowledge Tell Us The Difference Between What Consumers Think They Know Versus What They Actually Know? ...better outcomes in genetic testing.
* Employee Customer Orientation, confers employees with important psychological benefits – a personal focus on satisfying customers' needs – Proves Most Beneficial in Least Expected Situations
* PAY DECISIONS may be misguided or unbalanced... not enough time looking internally to measure and assess actual workforce and business impact of total reward practices
* "INSIDE EMPLOYERS' MINDS" re pension risk, benefit choices, taalent management
* BANDWIDTH Chief People Officer (CPO) REBECCA BORTOFF named '12 WOMEN IN BUSINESS Award winner
* School Choice International (SCI) Acquires Dwellworks Education Advising Services. SCI will expand its geographic reach and service offerings. Peggy Love and Alex Ruttenberg join leadership.
* Worldwide ERC® announces KAREN YUEN as the new ASIA PACIFIC DIRECTOR
* Improving Employability of US Workforce is a Shared Responsibility. Companies must focus on Advancing Workers' Overall Capabilities; and, Individuals must Proactively Develop their Skills
* Re-gain your INNOVATIVE edge with NEXT PRACTICES; a new way to move beyond the staus quo of global workforce management
* PEARSON acquires GLOBAL ENGLISH for $90million
* RISK...CRISIS ? Are you ready to lead your company thru a crisis?
* Effective HR Tools to help you
* FLIP FLOP Report by examines Beach-goer behavior and preferences across 5 continents. Argentineans are the most sun-soaked, spending an average of 11 days at a time
* National Corporate Housing, a nationwide multi-brand corporate housing company and leader in the temporary housing industry, announces Jon Hile as President.
* 22% don't have female execs; 20% have execs under 30; 41% don't have diverse executive leaders (African American, Asian, Hispanic, GLBT, Disabled, etc.);
* CHROs say US Recession is mostly over. Larger US companies are building-up recruitment. CHROs identified weaknesses – or areas for improvement in many recruiting and relocation programs.
* 84% of Global employees Are Not Well-prepared for Virtual Work
* US Airways named TOP EMPLOYER for VETERANS in 2012...the only airline named in the top40 rankings
* London's IT job market DOUBLES in the 1st quarter 2012
* King's College in London & Cornell launch International Human Resources Management Academy (IHRMA)
* New Style of Leadership in leaders moving forward
* Detroit to Former Yahoo Employees: Come to the Motor City. Businesses, tech start-ups and venture capital firms urge former Yahoo employees to bring their talents.
* 72% of employers expect senior professionals to have international experience
* Emotional Intelligence a solution
* CORT Global Furniture Rental Network expanding to support Employee Relocations and global mobility
* EU Wind Power Industry to employ 520,000 by 2020
* Future Heads of Global HR urged to think beyond tradition
* China, India, and Brasil most challenging emerging countries due to scarcity of local talent with technical HR challenge
* Leading Immirgation Law Professionals join Fragomen
* HENKEL recognized as one of the "World's Most Ethical Companies"
* Higher company growth = Higher investment in Talent Mobility
* NO US credit history required! Expat Car-buying made easier
* 5 CEOs speak-out... To become a top employer companies must look deeper than benefits/comp to credibility of leadership, sense of fairness in the workplace
* US Private companies are prioritizing INNOVATION as a Growth Engine
* SIEMENS announces plans to hire 300 Veterans in 2012. Company expands offer for the Joining Forces White House initiative
* Claude Mongeau, President/CEO of CN, says Canadian business and governments must take bold steps to develop world-class enterprises that will drive the nation's competitiveness as a global market
* Corporate Boards Raise Focus on RISK. Senior execs demand convergence with Governance, Compliance... says the KPMG Survey
* Bertelsmann establishes Fund for Innovative Education Services in Europe and US; Expansion into fast-growing education services; Entrepreneurial approach to building scalable platforms
* Is la France Competitive as a global nation? Is Europe competitive? LeMonde and AFEP Forum are producing a discussion on March 13th...called... THE CHALLENGE OF COMPETIVITY
* World-Class Leadership, Innovation and Transformation are Focus at 2012 CIO Executive Leadership Summit, Houston. IT Leaders spotlite CIO as growth driver
* Global C-Suite survey reveals that companies are not investing in key factors for Growth
* Collaboration on workforce development: global talent mobility = job creation = tax revenue generation = regional economic development
* 12 4 '12 CHECKLIST ... company action items re managing global mobile talent
* AON HEWITT and BIRCHES GROUP announce partnership focused on Compensation Intelligence in Emerging Economies
* RiseSmart continues to disrupt the outplacement industry. GSK's Dan Phelan, Human Resources veteran joins a growing roster of industry leaders advising RiseSmart
* Manpower names Dana Shaw to lead TAPFIN MSP Global Center of Excellence
* GroundLink, the world's first global car service, hires Tony d'Astolfo as CSO, completing the executive-tram overhaul
* HR in Central role in FORTUNE 1000 companies
* ATC Associates Inc. merges with Australia-based CARDNO to expand global reach
* San Diego-based BIOCOM issues economic impact report
* CEB, Corporate Executive Board, acquires VALTERA, leading Talent Management firm
* Arthur J. Gallagher & co. acquires Louisiana-based DETLEFS JOHNSON & PARTNERS
* WORK PERMITS: Euro MPs support intra-corporate transferees and families
* US Shale Gas Abunance could spark manufacturing Renaissance
* Executive Personal Branding
* Thriving Children begin with Family, Community
* Europe Global HR conference April 18/19 in Frankfurt
* Majority of US Business Owners Talk About Optimistic 2012 Business
* WeightWatchers Teams with AMEX and NYSE Euronext to offer innovative Employee Wellness Solutions
* 3 SMART THINGS YOU CAN DO... to find a job; Networking and Resume Tips
* Majority of Americans DO NOT make New Year's Resolutions ... when they do, 60% break them...
* Vietnam and Manpower Group...3-year partnership; building competitiveness by Up-Skilling
* Business-Driven HRM impacts business growth, profitability...enabling business strategy
* Eli Lilly named top global company for Leaders, said Steve Fry, SrVPHR & Diversity
* Global Talent Imbalance will shape 2012 HR Talent Strategy
* US number of immigrants higher than at any time in American history; but...
* Companies embrace New Media for engagement, employee communications, build trust
* Judgement and expertise of knowledge workers can be captured and passed-on.
* MARVELL selected SF Healthy Employer. Wellness more than eating right, exercising. Physical, mental aspects contribute to employee well-being
* 3x factor when senior leader coach employees...HR's responsibility ...
* Internship encourages students to work abroad. Recognizing real-world global experience essential to success
* Eastern Europe emerging market. Hi–tech, low cost ...
* NEW AGE of EXECUTIVE BRANDING. Gurus share insight
* California's Industrial BIO-Tech is creating jobs and leading Innovation...
* Are you Building a Global Mindset in your company, in your life?
* RISKS- - Companies incorporate Risk from workforce/people management issues
* US Employers to ADD Voluntary Benefits.
* Talent Management top reason MNCs pursue Global Leveling
* Lack of JOB GROWTH is an ongoing threat to Dreams & Careers of Young Americans
* 77% would leave current position to become an Independent Entrepreneur
* United Nations leader on Change, Opportunity
* You Know It Ain't Easy . . . beware of changing business models ... lessons learned
* Global Team-Building Best-Practice Tips
* UK's Cambridge University + Rothschild Foundation Improve Jewish-Muslim Relations
San Francisco, January 21, 2016
Los Angeles, January 27, 2016
Dallas, February 4, 2016
San Diego/Carlsbad Feb 17
LA April 5
Geneva April 12
Milano 14 April
Silicon Valley, April 28

Accelerating NextGen leader development via diversity and talent mobility
...taking better care of assignees & family™

...see video
Accelerating NextGen leader development utilizing women, diversity, and talent mobility on rotator, developmental assignments

130pm keynote workshop; How to speak with a 'global' audience

Date / Venue to be announced

Los Angeles, July
San Diego, July
Denver, July
Phoenix, July
Seattle, September

Washington, October 4 lunch&learn&networking with global colleagues...It's in our DNA to bring business people together™

New York, October 25... Taking Better Care of Families
October 26&27... Duty of Care

Miami & LatAm / Carib, November 30


January 26- San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Geneva, April
Milano, April
Warsaw, April

São Paulo '09
Rome '11
Vienna '11
Züerich '11
Germany '12
Copenhagen '12
Paris '13
Nestlé Vevey '12
Roche Basel '13
São Paulo '13
Rio '13
Toronto '13
London '13
L A '14 - Burbank
Silicon Valley '14 - Mountain View
Dallas '14
Washington '14 March
New York '14 March
SiliconValley '14 -Santa Clara
Seattle '14
Paris '14
Geneva '14
Mexico '14
Chicago '14
Silicon Valley Stanford '14
RIO '14
San Diego '14
Washington '14 Oct
New York '14 Oct
Houston '14


San Francisco - January 15'15
San Diego January 22'15
Dallas - February 6'15
Irvine - February 18
San Diego February 24
Seattle metro / Bellevue - March 5
Paris - April 14
Zurich - April 16
Silicon Valley - April 30'15
San Diego, May 12'15
New York - May 19 '15
Washington, May 21'15
Vancouver BC - June 4'15
Toronto - June 18'15
Dallas - June 24'15
Chicago- September 16'15
Mexico City - September 22'15
Boston - October 6'15
Washington Oct 27'15
New York, October 29'15
Los Angeles, Nov 4'15
DENVER- November 10'15
HOUSTON Nov 11 '15
SanDiego -Nov 19'15
MIAMI December 3 '15

* Ms. Sandrine Bardot is an expert. Learn from her... How To Link Performance Management with Pay-4-Performance...CLICK'n'learn

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W. Cecyl Hobbs: Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Activate Networks, a market leader in social network analytics.

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There were 107 CEO changes in September 2013. That's the highest quarterly total since Q4 2008. Why? Explore this with John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray and Christmas.

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Houston Oil and Gas Meeting

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Navid Nazemian

Navid Nazemian is the Global HRBP with Roche in Basel, Switzerland, supporting the HR and Communications functions globally.

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Dr. Bernard Curtis

Dr. Adrian P Moule Director, Global Mobility Operations at Baker Hughes; whose specialties include: Global Mobility Operational Excellence, Policy Development, Global Mobility Programme management.

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Phyllis James

Phyllis A. James is Executive Vice President, Special Counsel for Litigation and Chief Diversity Office for MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Emmett Seaborn

Mr. Emmett Seaborn is the Director of Towers Watson's Client Development Steering Group; Corporate HR and Finance Executive Collaboration

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Michael S. Cadden

Making world travel and expatriate transitions easier by bringing Mobile Technology and Mobility together: Michael S. Cadden, Managing Director of Living Abroad.

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Tony Ellison

Humor, Humanity and Creativity in the Workplace with Tony Ellison Founder /CEO/Chairman of; the #1 Virtual eTailer in Office Products

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Daniel Burrus

You don't need a crystal ball to survive in business these days! Learn Strategic Insights, Soft and Hard Trends with World-Renowned Futurist-Forecaster Daniel Burrus.

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Alan Weiss

Who's Got Your Back in these uncertain times? Consultant Alan Weiss, co-author of "Who's Got Your Back" (with Omar Khan) is Ed's special guest.

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James Tarantin

James Tarantin is Author of "The Equation", Game Architect, and the Founder of TarantinDream.

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Sara Hill of Ceridian

Sara Hill is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Ceridian. In this role, Sara oversees the global human resources functions across Ceridian and is based in Minneapolis..

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Carlos Pardo

Carlos Pardo is CEO of CapApex, Offering Enterprise Software & IT Solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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Bruce Rogoff

Bruce Rogoff, CEO of Groundlink, Revolutionizing the Ground Travel Industry with the next generation in car service. High-tech, High Customer Service, Guaranteed.

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Andrew Woods

CHINA EXPERT Andrew Woods is Author of "BOOM! Engaging and Inspiring Employees Across Cultures".

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Steve Warner and Nate DaPore

Navigating Charleston, South Carolina's Silicon Harbor with Steve Warner and Nate DaPore.

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Brynne Herbert

Brynne Herbert is the Founder and CEO of MOVE Guides, a co-branded, cloud-based portal to help employees plan an end-to-end move.

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Dr. Bernard Curtis

Breaking the mold on Leadership concepts and training, Dr. Bernard M. Curtis, author of "The Affirmation Principle" is Ed's guest.

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Dr. Frank Romano

Dr. Frank Romano, author of "Love and Terror in The Middle East" and "Storm Over Morocco".

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John Platt

John Platt on The Challenges of Managing Thousands of People and Millions of Pieces of Mail.

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Scott Hamilton

Learn about the Executive Labs, held in New York, April 10th with Scott Hamilton, Founder and CEO of the Executive Next Practices Institute

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Sylvia Lafair

Sylvia Lafair, PhD, business leadership expert and President of Creative Energy Options, Inc. (CEO), a global consulting company.

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Alisa Nagle

Alisa Nagle, Johnson Controls' HR VP of the Aftermarket Group meets with host Ed Cohen for a face-paced interview .

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Jim McComb

HR Leader Jim McComb, Author of “Undiscovered Horizons”, which tells his story of death on the operating table and rebirth.

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Tom Walter

Thomas K. Walter, Co-Author of "It's My Company Too" is a nationally recognized speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership and business culture.

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Jeff Garr

Jeff Garr, CEO and a Founding Partner of HR Knowledge, which delivers comprehensive Human Resource services to small and mid-sized businesses throughout the U.S.

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Ann Tardy

Mentoring expert Ann Tardy is the author of "LifeMoxie! Ambition on a Mission - 9 Strategies for Taking Life by the Horns"

Click to hear the program.

Brynne Herbert

William - Bill - Cole: Founder and VP Director Global HR at Global HR Leaders in Metro New York City

Click to hear the program.

Sory Kaba

Senior Human Resource professional, Sory Kaba, MBA is International Tax & Payroll Manager for DRAGADOS USA.

Click to hear the program.

Mona Malone

MONA MALONE, Vice-President Human Resources, PHR; BMO Financial Group, Toronto, Canada is Ed's special guest.

Click to hear the program.

Dr. Linda Myers

Dr. Linda S. Myers: Human Resources Consultant on a Woman Executive's perspective in a Confucian/Korean Environment.

Click to hear the program.

Daniel Burrus

Learn to use Strategic Foresight and Certainty to drive Innovation and Growth with Futurist Daniel Burrus; considered one of the world's leading technology forecasters and business strategists.

Click to hear the program.

Ruth Brothers

Toronto Star's "HR Professional of the Year 2011", Ruth Brothers CHRP & SHRP: Planning HR Strategy From A Risk Perspective.

Click to hear the program.

Global HR Talk Show

Making medical and dental claims data available to consumers, employers, insurers, and health care providers; Robin Gelburd, President of the independent not-for-profit organization FAIR Health, Inc.

Click to hear the program.

Bouvier Williams

Bouvier Williams, Vice President, Talent Management, HR at MTV Networks. Mr. Williams drives organizational initiatives and processes for the more than 6000+ US staff.

Click to hear the program.

Dr. Muriel Joseph Williams

Dr. Muriel Joseph Williams, head of Brain Corp Inc on the special challenges of being a woman executive in the Middle East.

Click to hear the program.

Jeffrey S. Shuman

Jeffrey S. Shuman, Senior VP, Chief Human Resources and Administrative Officer of Harris Corporation is our special guest on "Global People, Global Business".

Click to hear the program.

Alex Jakobsen

Alex Jakobsen with Global Consultancy RogenSi, Managing Director of North America; and an expert in rogenSi’s behavioral change approaches and whole brain learning principles.

Click to hear the program.

Brain Corp Inc

Dr. Muriel Joseph Williams and Marylou Ponzi Kay, leaders of the Global Consulting Firm, BrainCorp Inc.

Click to hear the program.

Dr. Camille P. Schuster

Camille P. Schuster (Ph.D.), Author and Professor of Marketing at California State University San Marcos, and, she is President of Global Collaborations, Inc.

Click to hear the program.

Paul David Walker

Paul David Walker, Author and Founder & CEO of Genius Stone; the first leadership firm to align Strategy, Structure and Culture.

Click to hear the program.

Lisa Giruzzi

Lisa Giruzzi, Speaker, Consultant and Author of Bringing Out the Best In Your Employees: The Ultimate Communication Guide for Managers and Supervisors.

Click to hear the program.

Global HR 2011 European Fall Conference Tour

Global HR Publisher Ed Cohen gives us a wrapup and his perspective of the Global HR "2011 European Fall Conference Series" with stops in Zurich, Milan and Vienna.

Click to hear the program.

Rodney Scaife

Rodney H. Scaife, CHRO for Aerotek Inc., a leader in the Recruiting and Staffing Industry, leads the company’s People Strategy and Strategic direction of its Human Capital Initiatives.

Click to hear the program.

Stephanie Burns

Stephanie Burns, CEO of Chic-CEO, a breakthrough business-savvy website for women seeking to start and grow their own business.

Click to hear the program.

Mark Wilbur

Mark Wilbur, President and CEO of Employers Group; a consultancy providing "Strategic partnership at the highest level" for over 100 years.

Click to hear the program.

Richard Bahner

Richard Bahner, Human Resources Change Leader, is currently launching the CareerDNA Assessment Tool in the US.

Click to hear the program.

Dana Shaw

Dana Shaw, Vice President, TAPFIN leads TAPFIN’s new Managed Service Provider (MSP) global Center of Excellence.

Click to hear the program.

John A. Challenger

John A. Challenger is CEO of pioneering global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc..

Click to hear the program.

Jim Dyak

James (Jim) Dyak, SPHR, is Managing Principal of Human Resource Dimensions, Inc., a nationally recognized specialist in HR placement.

Click to hear the program.

Laura Goodrich

Laura Goodrich, an internationally recognized expert in the field of workplace dynamics and relationships meets with host Ed Cohen today.

Click to hear the program.

Anna Carsen

Anna Carsen, VP of Products Management for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Inc, is an industry thought leader for Mobile HR Solutions.

Click to hear the program.

Cynthia Burnham

Cynthia Burnham, author of The Charisma Edge tells us how we can all gain that special "something" called charisma.

Click to hear the program.

Bill Treasurer

Bill Treasurer is Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting. Bill is Ed's special guest.

Click to hear the program.

Dennis Veit

Ed's guest today is Dennis Veit. Dennis Consults and teaches Leadership at the University of Texas, Arlington.

Click to hear the program.

Liz DiMarco

Liz DiMarco, Author and Branding Consultant is Ed's special guest. How can you be a part of the DARE-Force®? Listen and find out.

Click to hear the program.

Jim McComb

It's Live, Call-in talk radio as Jim McComb, Margot Wetzel and Susan Musich join Ed to talk about The Future and Global Mobility.

Click to hear the program.

Global HR Business

What's in Store for Global HR Business, Talk Radio and Conferences this Summer and Fall? Find out!

Click to hear the program.

Imaad Mahfooz

Imaad Mafooz of Chronos Consulting shares his secrets for improving business in the areas of Human Capital, Global, Virtual and Cross-functional Team-building and Shared Services Implementation.

Click to hear the program.

Al Goodman

Albert Goodman tells us how to greatly improve employee morale and productivity through his R.O.R (Return On Productivity) Program.

Click to hear the program.

Julie Bauke

Julie Bauke, a "CCO", Career Consulting Officer; and author of "Stop Peeing On Your Shoes" meets with host Ed Cohen today.

Click to hear the program.

Corey Jahnke

Corey Jahnke, a registered Pharmacist, wrote "You're Not Here On Rehearsal" to help people get "unstuck" and achieve their dreams.

Click to hear the program.

Laura Goodrich

Margot Wetzel designs and implements Global Service Delivery Strategy for international assignees (expats) and relocation for Expedia, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

Click to hear the program.

Anna Carsen

John Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions for "Talent Management" software designer CRG emPerform.

Click to hear the program.

Brin McCagg, Co-Founder, President and COO of is host Ed Cohen's special guest.

Click Click to hear the program.

Philip Berry of Philip Berry Associates meets with host Ed Cohen to discuss his popular book, "Being Better Than You Believe".

Click to hear the program.

Lauren Herring, MBA and CEO of the global career management firm Impact Group is host Ed Cohen's special guest.

Click Click to hear the program.

Carol Olsby, Senior Domestic and Global HR Consultant, of Carol Olsby and Associates meets with host Ed Cohen.

to hear the program.

Today's special guest is Leisa Ross; Corporate Housing specialist and 2010-2011 President of the SCRC.

to hear the program.
Young Executive Alex Alpert, BusinessDevelopment Director for Wheaton Van Lines is Ed's special guest today.

to hear the program.

Special guest Eric Drummond, Eric Drummond, VP, Global Human Resources for the National Basketball Association (NBA).

to hear the program.
Jeffery Christie, L.C.S.W, is President of the Employee Assistance Roundtable; and President of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

to hear the program.

Dr. Luis Revila of Sofftek Corporation speaks with Ed Cohen on Human Capital.

Click to hear the program.
Nadine Vogel, Founder and President of Springboard Consulting Ed's special guest today.

to hear the program.

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Scott Hamilton, of the Executive Next Practices Institute presents, on Regulatory Compliance.

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Dave Roxburgh explains how Parson's handles Regulatory Compliance.

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"Think and Grow Rich" and a Q&A with Dave and Scott.

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