Editorial Narrative: Globalization for 2017-18-19-20 must be different than 2001 … needs to be updated…be different than last century. Global business development has resulted in a rapid expansion of a ‘global middle class’ … across the world … global business requires an ever-growing pool of trained, diverse, mobile talent.

Conference content will reflect World Trade’s effect on company strategy, culture, and employees; and, leadership managing to have the right people properly trained for the right positions, deployed fully compliant into the right locations, at the right time, and at the right price.

It’s all about… Accelerating the new workforce performance and development via mobility assignments… to add value for the business while simultaneously adding value to employee professional development.

This means increased knowledge of self as a result of an international assignment; knowledge of the markets and cultures and how the brand works; new skillsets, new procedures and processes. Definitely, an international assignment adds value to the company while stimulating personal growth and development.

Next conference MAY 25th Silicon Valley at ebay Corporation San Jose, which begins in:

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