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12 June
June 11 WelcomeReception 6pm at the fab AKA SuttonPlace, 330 E56
June 12 education course at 330 Madison, 14th fl
June 12 closing reception at ANNIE MOORE's... 50 E43rd

it's our 20th New York conference


Building Global Mindset:
Transforming Your Organization for Global Business

Leveraging business opportunities emerging
from the interaction of technology and society.

Developing a New Way Forward

to be held at...
TAPFIN ManpowerGroup Solutions, 330 Madison Avenue, 14th floor, NY 10017

• June 12th 8am-6:15pm + NETWORKING RECEPTION at bar in Annie Moores, 50 East 43rd

June 11th 6pm WELCOME RECEPTION at the fab AKA SuttonPlace, 330 E56

Memo from
Ed Cohen, Conference Developer & Moderator
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Hello and a warm welcome to our 20th New York conference! Come join the conversation on timely topics of common business interest, for benchmarking, and moreso for participating in developing the NEW WAY FORWARD... anticipate the future; increase your understanding; take action... resulting in better relationships, enhanced rapport-building, collaborative efforts.

I believe that you will take-away practical information, guidance, and new learnings. We also believe that you should be able to utilize the take-away and or the new contacts or enhanced relationships immediately on the next business day. I therefore guarantee it and offer a free registration to one conference that we produce during 2012.

Yours sincerely, Ed Cohen, conference Developer & Moderator


07:45, check in desk opens
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Presented by
Ed Cohen, Conference Developer & Moderator
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8:45 until 9:30
You cannot hire and retain your way out of the economic crisis, nor can you dominate your vertical industry any longer as an employer of choice. It’s all about having a talent strategy that can flex according to the supply side of the demand equation.

OPENING KEYNOTE presented by

DANA C. SHAW is the Vice President of the Global MSP Center of Excellence of TAPFIN, a ManpowerGroup Solutions offering

is a leading managed service-provider (MSP) dedicated to the innovation and delivery of Integrated Workforce Management Solutions worldwide. TAPFIN’s customized, scalable MSP solutions for contingent and project-based spend are instrumental in driving process, performance and productivity across the client organization while providing risk-mitigation and overall cost reduction. Part of the ManpowerGroup™ Solutions, the outsourced services offering from ManpowerGroup, TAPFIN offers a complete suite of workforce management solutions that fully leverages a blend of global expertise and local knowledge.

9:30 until 10:00
Theme Keynote
RE-GAINING YOUR ORGANIZATION'S INNOVATIVE EDGE ... GLOBAL TALENT – Advanced, Mobilized and Leveraged for Extraordinary Success

Presented by

Scott Hamilton, President & CEO , Executive Next Practices Institute, Managing Director, NextWorks™ , a thought-leader and research organization in which top leaders examine emerging trends and formulate new strategies to move them “beyond the status quo (

In a turbulent global economy, characterized by uncertainty, business leaders are forced to re-examine current strategies and their contribution to the organization’s bottom line. Many leaders will turn to best practices—benchmarking techniques that have sometimes been proven to produce reliable results.

While benchmarking methods may serve companies well during times of incremental change and market growth, their reliability is questionable at best in times of major and disruptive (Instagram vs Kodak) business shifts. Even in “stable” industries, a strategy of conservatism and the leadership mindset of being a spectator can be a recipe for competitive irrelevance, loss of key talent and overall failure (think of the wrenching changes at Hewlett Packard).

True innovation and dramatically improved practices are called for across organizations, and yet in most global entities, less than 2% of workforce are actually engaged in creative thinking and the commercialization of ideas. Most CEO’s and top HR leaders intuitively know this, and yet a way forward for most companies has been glacially slow to materialize.

Hamilton will guide our session in the 5 critical steps to “next practices” strategy formulation and will help frame our collaboration regarding the global talent management opportunities and decisions that must be considered for the balance of 2012 and beyond.

10:00 until 10:30
Coffee break
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concurrent education sessions...
Rooms A and B... 10:30 until 12:00

Room B, 10:30 until 12:00 - technical sessions

(10:30 until 11:10)

This session will discuss certain aspects of HR transformation to align global mobility with the business.

Presented by

Paulette Welsing, Managing Director, KPMG LLP
Kathy Soderman, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP

Paulette Welsing has twenty five years experience helping organizations optimize their Human Resources function. Her areas of specialization include HR strategy, organizational design, governance, process improvement and redesign, operational compliance reviews, service delivery sourcing strategies, outsourcing and technology vendor selection and contract negotiation, HR staff competency model and role development. Her clients have ranged from multinational Fortune 100 to mid-sized firms. Prior to joining KPMG Paulette was a partner in a global human capital consulting firm where she held a variety of leadership and client-facing delivery roles. Paulette also leads KPMG’s global HR Transformation Center of Excellence.

Kathy Soderman is a senior manager in KPMG’s International Executive Services (IES) practice with more than 12 years of international human resources experience. Her professional experience includes expatriate program management, policy development, and software implementation. Kathy has extensive background identifying process improvement opportunities and implementing technology solutions to improve and drive efficiencies in the international assignment process. Kathy currently manages expatriate outsourcing engagements; teaming closely with tax, human resource, and payroll teams, as well as third party vendors to ensure seamless end-to-end assignment administration.

(Room B 11:15 until 12:00)
This session will discuss certain risks to consider when sending employees overseas on international assignments.

Presented by

Jamie Seymour, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP
Wendy Oxendine, Manager, KPMG LLP

Jamie Seymour is a Tax Senior Manager in the International Executive Services (IES) Practice and has over 10 years of experience in the expatriate tax advisory field. Jamie has served as a lead manager on several of the IES Practices’ largest clients across a variety of industry sectors. Jamie provides tax advisory and compliance services to companies with internationally mobile employees with a focus on individual income tax consulting and compliance. Jamie has also led numerous large-scale advisory projects in payroll reporting and compliance, global equity compensation, assignment policy development, and human resources advisory.

As a member of the management team with KPMG’s International Executive Services Practice, Wendy Oxendine almost ten years of experience in assisting multi-national corporations with tax planning and structuring of international assignments for globally mobile employees. Wendy’s primary focus has been in the financial services industry, notably European-based banking institutions. She has extensive experience with a wide range of complex international tax matters as it relates to equity compensation, corporate tax issues, and international mobility policy development. In addition to her time at KPMG New York, Wendy completed a two and half year international rotation in KPMG’s Paris office where she was a member of both the International Executive Services team and the International Corporate Tax team.

TWO SESSIONS in Room A 10:30 until 12:00

(Room A 10:30 until 11:10)
Culturally Thriving or Merely Culturally Surviving?


Dean Foster will evaluate the marketplace of intercultural services and products available, and the deliverables that they claim to provide. "Cultural thriving" services like training insures high-levels of competencies, that promote deep and long-term value for the entire organization, while "cultural survival" interventions, like coaching and passive webtools, provides no longterm value for the organization beyond the transactional success of the individual assignment.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to evaluate the benefits of various intercultural products and services, and assess their ability to provide real ROI, for both the international assignees and the organization.

Presented by
DEAN FOSTER, President,
DFA Consulting

(Room A 11:15 until 12:00


Presented by
ALLEN KOSKI, Vice-President,

12:00 until 1:15
LUNCHEON + keynote

After-Lunch Speaker - Ethan Kaufman, Partner,
Fragomen Del Rey Bernsen & Loewy LLP


1:15 to 1:30... BREAK...

1:30 until 2:15
Cross-border Employment and Labor Law –


Multinational corporations recruit and hire talent in a global labor market, manage virtual teams of employees who are spread over the globe, physically relocate employees across borders and increasingly deal with labor unions on a global front. Decision-makers who recruit, deploy and manage human capital resources, however, encounter multiple regional and local workplace statutory and cultural obstacles. For the unwary and unprepared HR executive the assumed known could turn out to be the unknown hell.

This presentation gives an overview of the critical workplace law issues that HR executives with global responsibilities should be aware of and also provides an update of recent labor and employment law developments in the North Americas.

HR executives will learn about issues such as:

• International assignments – why the fuss about paperwork?

• Expatriate employees - which law applies?

• Managing foreign-based employees – the sometimes inflexible (and nonsensical) local regulations

• The basic nuts and bolts of disciplining and firing employees in foreign countries

• Data privacy and the personal information of employees … just a click away (you think)

• Dealing with employee “representatives” other than labor unions

• The Ruggie Report – global business and human rights

• Labor unions going “global” and cross-border corporate campaigns

About the presenter:

JOHAN LUBBE, , is a shareholder at the global workplace law firm Littler Mendelson, P.C. and is resident in the firm’s New York, New York office in the U.S. Johan is the U.S. Practice Co-Chair, International Employment Law Practice Group at the firm.
Johan Lubbe is recognized as a leading international employment lawyer, and provides strategic advice and counseling to multinational employers on a wide range of global employment law, labor relations, human resources, and data privacy matters. Johan also regularly advises foreign companies that do business in the U.S. on the requirements of U.S. workplace law. He is a frequent speaker on workplace law and data privacy issues and the author of numerous publications. Johan is a Fulbright Scholar and holds law degrees from South Africa, the US and also the UK.

About Littler Mendelson, P.C.: Littler Mendelson is the largest North American law firm exclusively devoted to representing management in every aspect of labor and employment law. The firm has over 900 lawyers in 56 offices, including offices in Mexico and Venezuela. The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers has recognized Littler Globally as the Management Labor and Employment Law Firm of the Year for 2012.

2:15 until 2:25 ... BREAK

2:25 until 6:15pm...General Assembly; Audience Participation


Moderator & Host
Ed Cohen, Editor, GLOBALHRINNOVATION, onDemand onLine inPrint

FORMAT = fast-paced...short talks by thought-leaders plus audience participation

Commentator/Thought-Leaders will include

2:30 until 2:45

- DR. JAISON WILLIAMS, Global HR Leader/Global Organizational Development Director; GlaxoSmithKline.

"Transforming your organization for Global Business"

Dr. Williams (Jaison) is a dynamic global leader with strategic vision, high business acumen, keen insight and strong executive presence. He is commercially oriented and able to connect workforce, organization and leadership needs to produce tangible results. His practical and innovative solutions have enhanced the organization effectiveness, cultural transformation and revenue growth of top-tier organizations. His track record is of value-add contributions is best represented in the creation, alignment and implementation of strategic capabilities within each organization he has worked for. Those capabilities have had a significant impact on the strategy execution. While at Pfizer, he established Strategic Workforce Planning as a key initiative for the commercial business units in emerging (BRIC) and developed markets. Integrated SWP with the WW strategic planning process and designed the approach to build the capability globally. Dr. Williams is also very involved with Do Something Boot Camp... Committee Chair ... We love teens. They are creative, active, wired…and frustrated that our world is so messed up. harnesses that awesome energy and unleashes it on causes teens care about. Almost every week, we launch a new national campaign. The call to action is always something that has a real impact and doesn’t require money, an adult, or a car. With a goal of 5 million active members by 2015, is one of the largest organizations in the U.S. for teens and social change.

2:50 until 3:05

- JILL CARUSO, Human Resource Business Partner,

"Current challenges; and solutions"

Jill is a Human Resource Business Partner for Thomson-Reuters, Tax and Accounting division in New York. Jill is responsible for employee advocacy and employee relations, management consulting, performance management, career development, staffing & recruitment, organizational design, planning and training. Jill’s previous experience includes working as a Human Resources Manager with Cartus, a division of Realogy Corp. Prior to that Jill was the Manager of Learning and Development for 3 Connecticut offices for Cartus. She has served as a consultant at Pepsi-Cola World Headquarters in Somers, New York, and MBNA America, In Newark, DE, where she rewrote all their relocation policies. Jill received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Gettysburg College. She received her Masters of Science degree in Organizational Design and Human Resource Management from Manhattanville College.

3:10 until 3:25

- Dr. MURIEL JOSEPH-WILLIAMS, CEO, BrainCorp Inc., an international consulting firm that bridges the gap between companies looking to expand into new markets in other countries by providing Leadership, Management, and Global Development.

"Leading HR in the Middle East"

Dr. Joseph-Williams is the successful author of two books: “Access Your Managerial Skills with Accura, a practical handbook” and “Successful Terminations.” She is a French National who lives in Central Florida with her husband. Her fluency in French, Spanish and English has contributed to her as a popular, sought out, keynote speaker on numerous topics, with her business acumen lifting her to international prominence. BrainCorp has presence in the United States, Europe and Asia and is currently expanding offices in China. During her career, this former Chief People Officer was presented with a significant challenge – to create a leading-edge HR function in a 50,000 employee corporation that was to double the numbers it employed in the next two years. She was the only female Executive in a male-dominated Saudi Arabian corporation and she comments that was truly unique, becoming one the highest ranking female professionals in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East. With a staff of some 300 in Saudi Arabia and 100 overseas, Dr. Muriel Joseph-Williams was a direct report to the CEO (former Prime Minister of Lebanon) and the General Manager. She has organized different symposiums in Europe regarding Gender Issues and Global Diversity (at the French Congress in 2005); In France with the French Secretary of Gender Issues, Nicole Ameline in 2006 as a guest speaker; In London at several events with a non-profit organization dedicated to Women Empowerment in business; and projects in partnership with the Hariri Foundation at different colleges around the world. With a Masters degree in Law from the Sorbonne in Paris, a degree in Public Administration from the prestigious Institut d”Etudes Politiques de Paris, and a Doctoral degree in Human Resources and Organizational Developement from CNAM/HEC Paris, Dr. Muriel Joseph-Williams has powerful academic credentials. She is a GPHR and the recipient of the Global Mindset Inventory from Thunderbird Global School of Management.

3:30 until 3:45

- CAROL JOY, International Relocation Specialist and Global Relocation Manager at Northrop Grumman Corporation, now just into a senior Director position at MOOG Inc..


Carol brings broad experience, including: Managing operational administration of company-wide international relocation program; Monitoring vendor compliance and performance metrics for all international move specialists; Developing international relocation policies, procedures and processes. Carol partnered with corporate HR and senior management on international relocation strategy and initiated all relocation services for employees and ensured timely delivery as well as compliance with immigration, customs, and customer guidelines. Carol also reviews and processes all vendor invoices and managed to capped relocation costs for customer compliance. She developed the tools to provide the Global Mobility Office [GMO] with accurate relocation costs and was responsible for internal audit review of relocation benefits to comply with International Assignment Agreements for all relocating employees. She communicates with team of worldwide Program Managers on move management process and procedures. At, we work on some of the world’s most exciting technical projects, creating products that challenge the limits of what’s possible, from cutting-edge medical technology to space vehicles. Our formula includes one simple, surprising low-tech element that makes us stand out from everyone else: Trust.

3:50 until 4:05

- PEGGY LEE, Manager, Global Mobility,

"Today's challenges and our objectives".

Peggy brings experience as a Senior Human Resources Executive with specialty in implementing compensation strategies and programs in a global corporation. Peggy has strong strategic and analytical abilities and proven results in building partnerships with all levels of management. She excels in process improvement as well as leveraging technology and resources to increase company performance.

4:10 until 4:25


"Going international"

Sylvia Ehrlich is on every level—regional, national, and international—a speaker, trainer, author, and workshop leader. Ms. Ehrlich used her background in psychology, her personal experience as a relocating child, and then as the accompanying spouse in seven domestic and international moves to establish an award winning relocation destination services specialty in 1982, ultimately merging it with The Intrepid New Yorker in 1999. Ms. Ehrlich was among the first to receive the title of “Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)” in 1990. She is the recipient of numerous awards and, in 2002, Ms. Ehrlich became one of only 140 relocation professionals to receive the coveted SCRP designation from ERC as well as the Distinguished Service Award for her efforts and commitment to the relocation industry. Past president of the Tri-State Relocation Services Group, Inc., Ms. Ehrlich has served on the ERC Educational Summit Task Force, the ERC Membership Committee and the Westchester County Chamber Economic Development Council, the Board of Westchester Human Resources Management Association (WHRMA) chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), and continues to chair the International Human Resources Special Interest Group (IHR-SIG). Sylvia Ehrlich has appeared on Good Morning America (ABC) and has been featured in the real estate and business sections of The New York Times, Crain’s and USA Today. She has been published in numerous industry magazines. Ms. Ehrlich speaks several languages and enjoys American, Canadian, and Russian citizenships.

4:30 until 4:45

KAREN GERBA, Northeast Region Sales Director, Corporate & Institutional Lending Programs at JPMORGAN CHASE

"US-bound transferee solutions".

Karen brings 25 years of experience in Managing Corporate Relocation contracts and Corporate Employee Mortgage Programs for many Fortune 1000 companies. She has vast knowledge of her industry and provides an excellent source of information for her clients regarding mortgage trends. She has experience in helping corporations develop policies around home purchase assistance. Karen began her relocation career at PHH, and 1998 Karen was asked to join Citibank Mortgage where she was an integral part of growing their business in the late 90’ and early 2000. She was then asked to take a leadership role at Bank of America Home Loans, in 2004 and then recently came to Chase in 2011 to develop/ manage the Northeast Region for the Chase Corporate Program. Karen's specialties include *Helping corporations to evaluate current lender relationships to ensure they have the best partners in place for their program. *Assisting with client's policy design relative the mortgage program. *Comprehensive knowledge of mortgage and relocation industry. *Product development, implementation and possess skills to develop unique loan products for corporations to meet their specific program needs. * Experience in assisting corporations to measure and evaluate their national mortgage program. Assistance with helping expats get financing and banking when relocating to the US.

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. With a history dating back over 200 years, we are a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.3 trillion. We operate in more than 60 countries and have more than 240,000 employees. We serve millions of consumers, small businesses and many of the worlds most prominent corporate, institutional and government clients. We are a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management and private equity. Our stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

• Chase is a leader in providing innovative solutions to our clients in delivering a high quality National Relocation and Corporate Employee Mortgage Programs. Our tenured account relationship teams are an advocate for our corporate client by educating them on industry trends and borrower influences and recommending policy changes to support new mortgage legislation changes. Chase provides our corporate clients with monthly Housing and Economic updates, detailed quarterly reports and year end business reviews to ensure that we are meeting program objectives. Transferees receive financial consultation from a dedicated team who is knowledgeable about our clients’ programs and culture. Chase’s mission is to be the trusted and preferred provider of mortgage banking services.

4:50 until 5:05

- Dr. LINDA MYERS, GPHR, SPHR; Global Human Capital Partner of WorldWiseHR


Dr. Myers brings 25 years of trailblazing work -- the first to serve in a newly created strategic role -- as both an internal Human resources practitioner and external consultant. Today she is the Global Human Capital Partner of WorldWiseHR, a boutique consulting firm that is retained to support businesses increase their global performance by leveraging human resources capabilities. Between October 2007 and October 2010, Dr. Myers was recruited and “inpatriated” to Seoul, South Korea, from the United States to help accelerate globalization of SK Group, an $80 billion South Korean holding company exceeded in revenues only by Samsung and LG. Leading Global Talent Management, raising global mindsets, developing global policies and practices, and branding the company outside Asia, Dr. Myers also had an ‘extracurricular’ role supporting the Korean President, Lee Myung Bak in his efforts to rebrand South Korea. SK has 35,000 employees across 12 different operating companies, has business presence in 30 countries, and is ranked on the Fortune Global 100 list. Dr. Myers served as the first foreign female VP level executive in this country. Prior to joining SK Group, Dr. Myers served in various global strategic leadership capacities with multinational companies including Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Munich ReInsurance, Rockwell International, Astra Zeneca, and Bristol Myers Squibb. She has also served smaller consulting companies like China Human Resources Group which has facilitated joint ventures between US multinationals and state owned businesses in the PRC for 25 years. Here, she has worked with such companies as Abbott, Armstrong, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, and Portman Properties. Dr. Myers was born and raised in New York City. Her unusual personal background (two deaf parents) has been the catalyst for her fascination learning about other cultures. She has lived in major U.S. cities between Boston and Washington, D.C., worked on 4 continents, and traveled to all 7. Dr. Myers earned her bachelor’s degree from Goucher College and her Master and Doctoral degrees from Harvard University focusing on pre-, during, and post- integration challenges of the first global pharmaceutical merger including strategy, due diligence, change management, executive selection, employee communication, culture integration, and outcomes assessment. (May 2012;

5:10 until 5:25

- FIONA CITKIN, Ph.D., is a founder and Managing Director of Expert MS Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in business-aligned Intercultural Business Competencies and Transformational Diversity setup and implementation.

"Expatriate-Oriented Leadership Development: Transformational Diversity Approach and Toolbox"

Dr. Citkin will describe how the new Diversity brand, Transformational Diversity, contributes to developing global cultural competence of expatriates as business leaders—not just survivors of living abroad. This aspect of preparing the expatriates has been largely overlooked in the Mobility framework which, at best, provides the traditional/transactional individual/family cross-cultural training. However, as professional educators are well aware of, the skills to lead modern global workforce can be developed only in a group setting, using appropriate training methodologies—but not in a comfy company with one’s spouse.

Transformational Diversity implementation toolbox is the umbrella for building interpersonal global leadership competencies, or social capital for expatriates: the ability to communicate across cultures, bring people together, and influence all stakeholders. The outcomes are Inclusive Leadership and Inclusive Organizational Culture. Research has proven many times over that these inclusion-oriented outcomes are the most significant contributors to productivity, performance and ROI.

Dr. Fiona Citkin, a founder and Managing Director of Expert MS Inc., is a professional educator and diversiculturalist with a focus in intercultural business competence, diversity & inclusion, and global leadership competencies. She is a recipient of the award “America’s Top Diversity Champion for 2012”. Her experiences embrace a career in corporations (CSI, DVI, Berlitz, FGI) and academia, and being a Fulbright Scholar. Fiona explores intercultural and inclusive leadership practices of today and their transitioning to a new paradigm. Her 2011 book Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive marries two areas of knowledge and leadership competencies: Intercultural Studies and Diversity & Inclusion. It earned her a “thought leader” status at SHRM. Transformational Diversity approach has been tried-and-tested at UBS Investment Bank and other organizations for 4 years. On request of Diversity and Inclusion of SHRM Fiona co-designed and facilitated the special course “Global Cultural Competence for Business Leaders”—which became a new, fundamental staple for leadership education in our multicultural world. You can see more on the website: ... (

5:30 until 5:45

- JEAN MANN, Director of Client Relations and Marketing,

"Helping parents"

Jean has worked as a Campus Director as well as served as the Director of Admissions and Marketing for colleges in New York City and Connecticut. She was an adjunct instructor for Mercy College in their School of Business and also worked in marketing and in corporate communications for Xerox and Scholastic Corporations. Jean received her MBA from Baruch College in Marketing Management, did her undergraduate degree at Syracuse University and completed a diploma program in advertising from New York University. She was also awarded a GMS designation.

5:50 until 6:05

- ROBERT LESSER, Consultant

Rob Lesser will bring forth a "C-LEVEL perspective on the day's discussions... and execution".

Mr. Lesser comes with deep experience as Chief Operating Officer at Morgan Stanley - Firmwide Sourcing; Executive Director at Morgan Stanley - Head of Professional Services; Executive Director at Morgan Stanley & Co.. At Morgan Stanley he also directed Global Mobility and ran performance management. At the World Bank he has consulted specifically on how to motivate the workforce, a significant component of that was talent mobility.

6:05 until 6:10

- DANA C. SHAW, Vice President - Global MSP Center of Excellence
TAPFIN, A ManpowerGroup Solution

"Talent War" and its impact on utilizing company resources most effectively.

Dana Shaw is the Vice-President and leads TAPFIN’s new Managed Service Provider (MSP) global Center of Excellence. In this role, she is responsible for efficiently driving innovative and effective solutions that meet clients’ rapidly growing demand for streamlined global management of workforce providers. To accomplish this, Shaw brings together the best global and regional resources across 82 countries to provide the global framework for delivering workforce solutions that ensure the most value for clients. Shaw most recently served as senior vice president of strategy and solutions at Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). Best known as a recognized expert in the contingent labor marketplace, she consulted with a broad range of staffing, solutions and Fortune 500 companies on how to advance their business models and optimize their contingent labor programs. Shaw also led SIA's strategic initiatives related to sales, member services, and all buyer-related research, content, conferences and webinars. She was also featured in more than 100 public forums as a leader in helping companies anticipate what’s next. Drawing on 11 years in senior roles at contingent labor firms, Shaw frequently tackled challenging industry topics around proprietary technology and vendor management systems (VMS), compliance, training, implementation, global sales, ROI modeling and communication.

Moderator’s Closing Remarks,

RECEPTION... ANNIE MOORE's... 50 East 43rd

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